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Frivolous Litigation

Texas cheerleaders’ Bible banners court case

Attorneys Bill Frumkin and Paul Millus on Texas cheerleaders taking their Bible case to the Texas Supreme Court and a ruling that a New Mexico city hall must remove a ten commandments monument.

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  1. Innovation Act Divides Startups, Small Biz

    On Thursday, the House passed the Innovation Act, which has divided experts and advocates for the startup and small business communities.

  2. What is the Government's Cybersecurity Rule?

    If there is one thing Washington loves, it is a good debate about the "proper" role of government. When it comes to cybersecurity, the debate in D.C. rages as hotly ...

  3. Will the Innovation Act Stop Patent Abuses?

    The Innovation Act, introduced last week by Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), aims to reduce patent trolling while protecting innovation and entrepreneurship in the U.S. But some experts say it’s not that easy.

  4. 10 Legal Reality-Checks for Business Owners

    No, I’m not a lawyer, but that’s really the point. After decades in the corporate and business worlds, I know what I need to know. And so should you. Here are 10 legal myths I bet you thought were true.

  5. A Nation of Lawyers

    America used to be a nation of laws. Those laws served as guidelines for how we conducted business and ourselves. They were powerful laws, to be sure. But more impor...

  6. Do You Read the Fine Print?

    We've all heard the advice to "read the fine print" before we sign anything, but does anyone actually do it?I recently spoke with a man we'll call Randy. Six months ...

  7. Obama's Patent Actions May Harm Tech Industry

    Yesterday, the Obama administration rolled out a sweeping set of executive actions and legislative recommendations that are supposed to "protect innovators from friv...

  8. Is There Less Demand for Young Lawyers?

    Attorney Arthur Aidala on the recent dip in law-school applications.

  9. Riker’s Inmates’ Lawsuits Against NYC

    FBN’s Gerri Willis on the frivolous lawsuits filed by inmates at Riker’s Island and their impact on taxpayers.

  10. Government Waste on Frivolous Lawsuits from Prison

    Criminal defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh on the taxpayer money wasted on frivolous lawsuits brought on by prison inmates.

  11. Chevron CEO: Gorgon Project Remains Economical

    While the costs of the massive Gorgon Australian natural gas project have increased by an unspecified amount, the project remains economical, Chevron's chief executi...

  12. Should Tort Reform Be Added to Health-Care Law?

    Former New York-Presbyterian Hospital CEO Dr. Herbert Pardes on the impact of the health-care law and why it can be improved with the inclusion of tort reform.

  1. Tech Rewind: Merger talks break down

    A review of the week’s top headlines in the tech space: Major merger talks break down, and an announcement of what could be the biggest hack of all time.

  2. Could proposed patent reform bill hurt small business, inventors?

    Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, (R-Calif.), on concerns over a proposed patent reform bill.

  3. Is a crusade to keep women safe hurting men?

    Thad Russell and Remi Spencer on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s push to end campus sex assault.

  4. Gov. Jindal: ObamaCare wouldn’t have become law without lies

    Gov. Bobby Jindal, (R-La.), on his alternative to OBamaCare.

  5. Suspicious Claims are on the Rise...And Your Rates are Going Up

    Car accidents are supposed to be that - unplanned collisions. But some scammers stage accidents to get the claims money paid out by carriers, which is causing an inc...

  6. Google, Intellectual Ventures to Face Off

    Intellectual Ventures is set to square off this week against Google Inc's Motorola Mobility unit in the first trial that the multibillion-dollar patent-buying firm h...

  7. Political Correctness is Destroying Corporate America

    " Why Christmas is Destroying Corporate America ." That's right. A well-known blogger really tried to make that argument on a very popular website three years ago. U...

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