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Fred Thompson

‘Biggest Loser’ gains weight

Rachel Frederickson, slammed for being TOO skinny, packs on 20 lbs

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  1. How to Handle a Crisis

    Lawyer and author Lanny Davis talks to Alan about how he managed crises for powerful people.

  2. Evaluating how government is spending taxpayer money

    Sen. Coburn on wasteful expenses

  3. Sen . Fred Thompson on Israel-Hamas conflict

    Former senator sounds off on the US' need to back up its key ally and protect its interests in the Middle East and the chances of a cease-fire

  4. President Obama 'offended' over Benghazi criticism?

    Reaction from former presidential candidate Fred Thompson

  5. TD Ameritrade CEO Investors’ Reactions to Market Uncertainty

    TD Ameritrade CEO Fred Tomczyk on the state of the market and its impact on investors’ strategies.

  6. TD Ameritrade CEO on 4Q Investor Survey

    TD Ameritrade CEO Fred Tomczyk weighs in on investor sentiment.

  7. The importance of family

    Sen. Lieberman and his wife Hadassah explain

  8. How Talk Radio Changed America

    Alan talks to author Fred Lucas about how talk radio has transformed American politics.

  9. Fred Thompson responds to Harry Reid's remarks

    Controversy over Romney's taxes continue

  10. Exclusive: Dick Cheney on 'Hannity'

    Former vice president on Romney's candidacy, veepstakes

  11. Condi Watch: Will Romney pick her?

    Former Sen . Fred Thompson on whether Condoleezza Rice will be Mitt Romney's running mate and on the strategies employed in both presidential campaigns

  12. Recession, Stalemate in Washington vs. Obama's record

    Former presidential candidate Fred Thompson takes on Obama and Romney's dueling economy speeches and strategy

  1. Fred Thompson takes aim at censoring of religious speech

    Actor stars in new film, 'Persecuted'

  2. 'Persecuted' address issues of freedom of religion, speech

    Behind the scenes of new movie

  3. Special Report Online: 11/20/13

    What's next for ObamaCare?

  4. How to prepare for the uncertainty of retirement planning

    Scott Gamm with the latest tips for saving money

  5. Fred Thompson talks government slimdown, showbiz

    Former senator in new Broadway show

  6. Behind the scenes of Gretchen's big screen debut

    A look at the making of 'Persecuted'

  7. Town Liar?

    FOX’s Andy Levy on the fake town crier who announced the royal birth.

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