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Frank Lautenberg

President says GOP talk of ObamaCare repeal should be 'over'

Political debate over health care law continues

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  1. Debt ceiling talks not addressing the government’s core issues?

    Citizens United President David Bossie on the need to address the government’s debt and spending.

  2. Booker wins Senate special election in NJ

    Megyn Kelly reports from New York

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  4. Analyzing the budget deal

    James Rosen and Carl Cameron with the latest developments in Washington

  5. 101613_mccainotr_700


  6. McCain: Trying to defund ObamaCare was 'fool's errand,' deceptive of American people

    Sen. John McCain on the Senate budget deal to end the partial suspension of government services, the partisan politics that cripple Washington and his criticism of Sen. Ted Cruz's strategy

  7. Booker vs. Lonegan

    Candidates faceoff in New Jersey special U.S. Senate election

  8. Friday Lightning Round: Shocking political poll numbers

    Panel sums up this week's hot topics

  9. Politicians face choice: Run from shutdown or embrace it

    Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, weighs in

  10. Can a conservative Republican win in New Jersey?

    New Jersey GOP candidate for U.S. Senate argues why he is a better candidate than Newark mayor Cory Booker.

  11. Power Play 9/3/2013: Will Congress back a strike on Syria?

    US steps up aid to Islamist rebels, what would a strike look like? And who will we fight with? Chris Stirewalt and guests with an in depth look at the situation in Syria

  12. America marching toward welfare state status?

    Inside battle to overhaul food stamp program

  1. Politicians fighting to win over millennials

    What messages are working?

  2. Vulnerable Democrats running ads with anti-ObamaCare message

    Impact of law in 2014?

  3. Democrats plan ObamaCare strategy for 2014 midterms

    Insight from Fox News contributors Pete Snyder and Julie Roginsky

  4. Did Obama have the 'worst year in Washington'?

    Debate over president's record

  5. Is President Obama toxic for the Democratic Party?

    Ann Coulter on the latest elections

  6. Kentucky dam project

    Stossel investigates which state benefited the most from the government budget deal

  7. A pork-barrel debt deal

    FBN's Peter Barnes and Rich Edson on Obama's comments and pork in the debt deal.

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