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Jedediah Bila and Deroy Murdock break down the day’s hot topics on the Independents Web Show.

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  1. Do political scare ads work? Political Editor Guy Benson and ‘The Richard Fowler Show’ Radio Host Richard Fowler discuss bad campaign ads and political attack ads.

  2. How will the midterm elections impact your portfolio?

    Capital Alpha Partners analyst Loren Smith and Newedge Director of Market Strategy Robbert van Batenburg on how the midterm elections could potentially impact investors’ portfolios.

  3. The Hollywood and Vine panel on haunted NYC buildings, Joan Rivers

    The Hollywood and Vine panel weighs in on haunted buildings in New York City, ‘Homeland’, Monica Lewinsky and Joan Rivers.

  4. GOP’S rosy midterm outlook

    Former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush Brad Blakeman and Newedge Director of Market Strategy Robbert Van Batenburg weigh in on the GOP and midterm elections.

  5. Only 3% of Americans believe Congress is productive?

    Independent Women’s Forum’s Hadley Heath Manning, co-founder Jonas Max Ferris and Democratic Strategist Julie Roginsky on Americans’ views of Congress’ productivity.

  6. Stossel 03/20/2014: Spring Cleaning

    Get out your brooms, spring is here. Stossel is ready to clear out the junk, starting with bloat and waste in government

  7. The Mensa panel discusses the GM scandal

    The Mensa panel weighs in on Wall Street, the GM scandal, Bridget Anne Kelly, ‘Fatal Attraction’ and the New York Jets.

  8. Rep. Issa on the IRS scandal

    Rep. Darrell Issa on the upcoming hearing regarding the IRS scandal.

  9. John McCain’s take on Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine crisis

    Senator John McCain (R-AZ) on Vladimir Putin and Arizona sports.

  10. President Obama’s foreign policy working in Ukraine?

    Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis and FOX News contributor Michael Goodwin weigh in on Vladimir Putin and President Obama’s response to the crisis in Ukraine.

  11. Reid Proposes Change To Senate Filibuster Rules

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday proposed changing Senate rules to allow simple majority votes on executive and judicial nominations. Reid's move, known...

  12. Senate Panel Green Lights Janet Yellen for Fed Chief

    After breezing through confirmation hearings, Janet Yellen won approval from the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday to become the first female Federal Reserve chie...

  1. Obama wants to raise gas taxes with cheaper oil prices?

    Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist explains a corporate tax deal coming with a gas tax increase.

  2. Kansas Secretary of State: What’s happening tonight is unconstitutional

    National Immigration Forum Executive Director Ali Noorani and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach on President Obama’s immigration executive action.

  3. Will Obama listen to voters’ economic concerns?

    Washington Examiner Columnist Byron York discusses whether or not Obama will work with Republicans and pass future Senate bills to boost the economy.

  4. A Massachusetts town may ban smoking

    Standup comedian Jimmy Failla and ‘Outnumbered’ host Katie Pavalich weigh in on the push by Westminster, Mass., to ban smoking.

  5. Laura Ingraham’s take on the midterm election results

    Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham breaks down the results of the midterm elections and weighs in on President Obama.

  6. What the midterms mean for your money

    Tim Bitsberger of BNP Paribas Official Institute Coverage and NewEdge Director of Market Strategy Robbert van Batenburg discuss their outlook for the midterm elections and its impact on the economy.

  7. Will Republicans take the Senate?

    FNC’s Carl Cameron breaks down the midterm elections.

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