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Fix Costly Errors in Flood Insurance Quotes

As with other homeowners facing skyrocketing flood insurance costs, Jane Drake was shocked when the flood insurance premium on her South Carolina beach house climbed from less than $1,300 a year to nearly $20,000.Soon after receiving the "outrageous" quote, she searched for ways to reduce her premium. She learned that her policy (and her new quote) was filled with technical errors. She had the mistakes fixed, her flood insurance premium was reduced drastically and she even got a refund for the years she had been overcharged.Bottom line: VerifyHomeowners shouldn't assume that their flood insurance quotes and policies are accurate, Drake says, based on her experience. And they should seek to reduce their premiums."If something doesn't feel right with your policy, go back and have an expert evaluate the entire process and check your paperwork," she says. "So much of it has to do with how the insurance agent fills out the survey."A huge decrease in coverageThe series of errors that led to ...

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  1. 7 Ways to Protect Your Business From Disaster

    The bottom line is you never know when a disaster may strike your small business and once it does, it’s too late for proper planning. Here are seven simple steps to keep your small company safe from any-sized storm.

  2. 6 Things Home Insurance Won't Cover

    6 hazards home insurance doesn't coverWhen disaster strikes your home, home insurance is supposed to be there to help you pick up the pieces. Most of the time, it do...

  3. Repeal or strengthen 'stand-your-ground'?

    Florida lawmakers debate fate of controversial law

  4. FNC Video


  5. FEMA denies funding to rebuild West, Texas

    Town considers new options to move forward

  6. Avoiding Hurricane Expenses

    A Category 5 hurricane will always be a monster and a real test for any home. But many readily available products can reduce or minimize the impact of hurricane seas...

  7. FNC Video

    FNC Video

  8. 2 Problems = Zero Money: The Anti-Concurrent Causation Clause

    When disaster strikes it seems to happen all at once. Electric lines spark, windows shatter, roofs tear off, sump pumps stop and the lights go out. Homeowners see it...

  9. What Does Washington Have in Store for Small Business?

    In this two-part series, political leaders from the Republican and Democratic parties share what Washington, D.C., has in store for small-business legislation in 2013. For part two, Business on Main sat down with Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La.

  10. When Disaster Strikes: Creating a Survival Plan for Your Business

    With summer approaching, many businesses impacted by Superstorm Sandy are struggling to reopen six months later. What can businesses do to survive devastation?

  11. Avoiding Hurricane Costs

    It's hard to protect a home from a monster Category 5 hurricane, but many readily available products can reduce or minimize the impact and save homeowners big bucks ...

  12. Put in a Safe Room as Armor Against Disaster

    When dangerous weather threatens your family, there may not be much time to get to safety. But right there in your own home, you could ride out a severe tornado or h...

  1. NY Times compares ObamaCare rollout to Katrina response

    Reaction from former White House chief of staff Andy Card

  2. Real Estate Post Sandy Proves 'Jersey Strong'

    During the summer, Route 35, which connects the state's stretch of tightly-knit beach communities, becomes so congested it becomes more like a parking lot than a hig...

  3. Are we needlessly over-exposed to disasters?

    How we can better protect ourselves from obvious and predictable shortcomings in our disaster protection infrastructure

  4. One Year After Sandy, Businesses Still Searching for Normal

    On the first anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, some small businesses have been able to bounce back – and some are still on the path to recovery .

  5. One year after Sandy, The Rockaway's still displaced

    The Wave managing editor Kevin Boyle on the cost of Hurricane Sandy.

  6. Glimmer of Hope at Debt Limit Negotiation Table

    A few faint glimmers of hope surfaced on Monday in the U.S. fiscal standoff, both in Congress and at the White House, with President Barack Obama saying he would acc...

  7. Republicans, Democrats at standstill on shutdown

    FBN’s Rich Edson on the government shutdown and the debt ceiling.

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