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Federal Bureau Of Investigation

A.G. Holder upset over Ferguson grand jury leaks?

Michael Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump argues a special prosecutor should be called in to handle the Ferguson police shooting.

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  1. Declining oil prices a concern for investors?

    Wells Fargo Advisors Senior Equity Strategist Scott Wren, RDM Financial Group CEO Ron Weiner and founder Todd Horwitz on the outlook for stocks.

  2. A lone-wolf shooter scenario in Canada?

    Institute for the Study of War Senior Navy Analyst Chris Harmer says the Ottawa shootings fit the mold of a lone-wolf shooter scenario.

  3. Is Canada prepared for terror?

    Thomas Ruskin of CMP Protection and Investigative Group says Canada is coming up to speed when it comes to protecting its shores.

  4. Rep. Peter King on government’s response to cybercrime

    Rep. Peter King (R-NY) weighs in on the dangers of cybercrime and the government’s response to the security issue.

  5. Expedia shares a ‘buy’ despite extreme volatility?

    FBN’s Charles Payne, Tea Party News Network News Director Scottie Nell Hughes and Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall on the outlook for Expedia.

  6. How will the Apple Watch, Apple Pay impact Apple’s future earnings?

    Tom’s Guide Editor-in-Chief Mark Spoonauer and Avondale Partners senior analyst John Bright on Apple’s fourth-quarter results and outlook.

  7. Will consumers get on board with Apple Pay?

    MasterCard Chief Emerging Payments Officer Edward McLaughlin on the technology behind Apple’s mobile payments system.

  8. Does the CDC Director deserve the recent criticism?

    Former FEMA Director Mike Brown and FNC Medical A-Team Dr. David Samadi on the CDC’s handling of the Ebola crisis.

  9. CDC getting failing grade in handling of Ebola?

    FBN’s Charles Payne on the CDC’s handling of Ebola so far.

  10. Will turbulence continue on Wall Street?

    Hedgeye Risk Management Founder and CEO Keith McCullough and Skybridge Capital Founbder Anthony Scaramucci discuss what to expect from and how to invest in volatile markets.

  11. ISIS luring women in Western countries

    FNC’s Greg Palkot and FNC contributors KT McFarland and Monica Crowley discuss how ISIS is recruiting women in secular nations and whether Austria should allow teen girls that left to join ISIS to return home.

  12. Are companies liable for third-party hacks?

    Global Security attorney Brian Finch gives legal insight into company’s liabilities when it comes to third-party hacks.

  1. Midterms: Republicans gaining women voters, Democrats losing edge with them?

    FBN’s Deirdre Bolton, Tea Party News Network News Director Scottie Nell Hughes, A&G Capital CIO Hilary Kramer, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar and Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall on the shifts in how women vote and the government’s effort to boost the housing recovery.

  2. RILA executive on the recent data breach outbreak

    Retail Industry Leaders Association vice president Brian Dodge discusses the latest outbreak of data breaches in the retail sector and the overall impact on the industry.

  3. Bigger threat to America: Ebola vs. lone-wolf terrorism?

    Rep. Peter King (R-NY) weighs in on the threats of Ebola and a ‘lone-wolf’ attack on the U.S.

  4. Misinformation part of Democrats’ midterm campaign strategy?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on Democrats’ campaign strategies for the midterm elections.

  5. Small business’s phone hacked, then charged $166K by phone company

    Foreman Seeley Fountain Architecture’s Bob Foreman on the hacking of the company’s internet phone line.

  6. Ottawa shooter: What do we know?

    Institute for The Study of War Chris Harmer argues the Ottawa shooter may have been inspired, but not financed and equipped, by ISIS

  7. Michael Brown’s autopsy report leaked

    Forensic Pathologist Dr. Michael Baden on the leaked medical examiner’s autopsy report on Michael Brown.

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