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Operation Fast And Furious

Rep. Blake Farenthold on Eric Holder's accusations

Congressman reacts to the Attorney General's comments

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  1. Rove: Holder put on display of 'whininess and self-pity'

    Former Bush senior advisor: Criticism of Attorney General deserved, race card play after heated exchange with Rep. Gohmert unbecoming of his office and he should resign

  2. Is Attorney General Eric Holder playing the race card?

    Talking Points 4/10

  3. Different messages on race in America from Obama, Holder?

    Ed Henry reports

  4. Gutfeld: Race, anger and the attorney general

    Eric Holder cries foul at 'ugly and divisive' treatment

  5. Eric Holder plays the race card

    Reaction from Sen. Tim Scott

  6. Special Report Online: 4/9/14

    Obama's push for equal pay for women

  7. GOP seeks criminal probe of ex-IRS official Lois Lerner

    House Ways and Means Committee refers Lerner to Justice Department

  8. Holder, GOP lawmaker go at it at hearing

    Attorney general in heated argument over 'contempt'

  9. Rep. Louie Gohmert's heated exchange with Eric Holder

    Pointed fingers over question of contempt

  10. Exclusive: Boehner says House will hold Lerner in contempt

    House Committee seeks criminal case against former top IRS official

  11. ATF chief to speak at oversight committee hearing

    Head of Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to justify controversial actions

  12. ATF under investigation for undercover storefront stings

    William La Jeunesse reports from Los Angeles

  1. Calls grow to give Lois Lerner 'immunity' to testify

    House committee holds former IRS official in contempt

  2. Should Holder be held in contempt?

    Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) on ObamaCare, Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation and Eric Holder .

  3. What it takes to get fired from the Obama administration

    Talking Points 4/11

  4. GOP lawmaker's harsh Holder scrutiny: Fair or unfair?

    A fair and balanced debate on the heated confrontation

  5. Tea Partier targeted by IRS reacts to Lerner contempt vote

    Becky Gerritson: I want to know who's behind all this

  6. Does playing the race card set America back?

    Former Oklahoma Speaker TW Shannon weighs in

  7. Huckabee: Sebelius’ resignation was inevitable

    Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, (R-Ark.), on HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation.

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