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Survey: 2 in 3 Workers Believe They're Paid Unfairly

President Obama has made income inequality a big focus in 2014, and a new report shows two out of three workers believe they aren't paid fairly.A new report from career services site Glassdoor finds 42% of women say they are unfairly paid compared to 34% of men."It's a big number," says Rusty Rueff, Glassdoor career expert. "Sixty-two percent also say they would consider leaving for a new job if there was a pay increase or if they don't feel they are moving toward a more fair pay level; they take off."In early April, Obama signed an executive order that prohibits federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss compensation rates, and an Presidential Memorandum instructing the Labor Department secretary to establish new regulations that require federal contractors to submit compensation data by sex and race.And the burden to fix this is on employers, Glassdoor finds, with more than half of respondents (57%) saying their employer is in the best position to fix the prob...

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  1. What’s the Deal, Neil: What’s with all the executive orders ?

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the President’s numerous executive orders .

  2. Do Americans feel less free than 10 years ago?

    Frank Luntz asks a focus group

  3. White House faces storm of criticism over gender pay gap

    Brit Hume discusses the administration's hypocrisy

  4. John Kerry’s threats carrying little weight overseas?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on AG Eric Holder and Secretary of State John Kerry.

  5. Abuse of power in the name of gender equal pay?

    President Obama used his executive powers to prohibit federal contractors from retaliating against workers who discuss their pay and boost transparency surrounding pay equity. But is it all politics?

  6. Obama Beefs Up Equal Pay Protections

    President Obama took executive action Tuesday that the administration says will strengthen enforcement of equal pay law."Pay secrecy fosters discrimination and we sh...

  7. Holder to face tough questions on executive overreach

    Attorney general to testify at DOJ oversight hearing on Obama's executive orders , IRS targeting

  8. President issues 2 executive orders on equal pay

    FNC senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the President’s latest executive orders .

  9. Can businesses survive a minimum wage hike?

    Apple-Metro CEO Zane Tankel on the impact on businesses of a potential minimum wage increase.

  10. Exclusive: Boehner says House will hold Lerner in contempt

    House Committee seeks criminal case against former top IRS official

  11. Equal pay? Not at the White House, report says

    President Obama will sign two executive orders concerning equal pay for women, but a report finds female White House staffers earn only 88 cents on the dollar compared to men.

  12. President shifts focus from health care to pay equity

    Is the WH setting a good example?

  1. Bret's Google Plus Hangout: 4/17

    Bret Baier and Special Report viewers discuss the new video featuring an open-air al-Qaeda meeting in Yemen

  2. Preview: Bret’s Google Hangout 4/17

    Bret Baier and Special Report viewers discuss the new video featuring an open-air al-Qaeda meeting in Yemen

  3. Was Sebelius set up for failure?

    Former HHS secretary Tommy Thompson sounds off on Kathleen Sebelius' resignation, whether she was really doing the job or following orders with ObamaCare

  4. New email the ‘smoking gun’ in the IRS scandal?

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Lois Lerner’s email referencing a job with ‘Organizing for America.’

  5. Stacey Dash's take on WH hypocrisy over gender pay gap

    Administration criticized over discrepancy on wages

  6. Who's really waging a 'war on women' in Washington?

    White House paychecks in question

  7. Obama signs executive orders for equal pay

    Author Deirdre Imus and FNC’s Lis Wiehl on equal pay for women, a study on eating organic foods, Mickey Rooney, Barbara Walters and the Academy of Country Music Awards.

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