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Carbon Fee

Carbon tax coming to America?

Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist weighs in on the Democrats’ all-night climate change talk and the push for a carbon tax .

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  1. Will new EPA regulations bankrupt the coal industry?

    Heritage Foundation Research Fellow David Kreutzer and Public Citizen Energy Program Director Tyson Slocum on the impact of new EPA regulations on the coal industry.

  2. How Will PM-Elect Abbott Impact Australian Economy?

    Former Australian Consul General Phil Scanlan on the outlook for the Australian economy under Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott.

  3. President plowing ahead with green energy agenda

    Critics respond to administration's measures

  4. Debate over Weiner's wife's decision to stand by husband

    What's driving Huma Abedin?

  5. Pain in the Gas

    Bill Snape from the Center for Biological Diversity on the call for a $1 to $10 tax on a gallon of gas.

  6. FNC Video


  7. Why is Sen. Rand Paul voting against immigration bill?

    Senator thinks current form doesn't secure borders

  8. Forbes: Climate Change Plan a Lump of Coal

    Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes sounds off on Obama's climate change plan and tax reform.

  9. Grover Norquist on Carbon Tax

    Grover Norquist on Obama’s proposed tax on carbon.

  10. Actor Robert Redford Calls on Obama to Act on Climate Change

    Former Governor Christie Todd Whitman talks the politics of climate change.

  11. Airbus Clinches $8 billion China Deal

    Airbus Thursday said it has clinched a firm order from China for 60 Airbus jets with a value at list price of around $8 billion.The order will include 18 planes whic...

  12. Deutsche Bank probe finds incomplete data given to prosecutors: magazine

    An internal investigation at Deutsche Bank has found that incomplete data related to a carbon tax fraud probe were handed over to prosecutors, German magazine Der Sp...

  1. Senate Dems to urge climate change action with 'all-nighter'

    Are lawmakers 'studying for the wrong exam'?

  2. The Sixth Extinction: The Worst Extinction Yet?

    The Sixth Extinction: The Worst Extinction Yet?

  3. Will new regulations spike consumers' energy costs?

    Americans on the hook for White House's fight against global warming?

  4. Stossel 01/23/2014: Chill Out

    Are we all doomed by climate change? Stossel and guests debate the issue

  5. Americans being punished for being fuel efficient?

    The Price Futures Group’s Phil Flynn, The Tax Foundation’s Scott Hodge and Economist Peter Morici on the new gas tax proposal.

  6. Australia says ‘no’ to the U.N. on climate change fees

    FBN’s Stuart Varney sounds off on climate change.

  7. President concedes ObamaCare raised taxes on 'some things'

    But is this just the beginning?

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