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Energy Policy

Administration punting on the pipeline?

Reaction to delayed decision on Keystone

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  1. Benefits of the Keystone Pipeline

    Author of “The Frackers” and special writer for The Wall Street Journal Gregory Zuckerman talked about the benefits of the Keystone Pipeline and why it needs to be built.

  2. Will Canada wait for US on Keystone Pipeline?

    Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird reacts

  3. Report Finds Tech Data Centers Getting Greener

    Apple Inc, Google Inc and Facebook Inc have made significant progress in adopting renewable energy sources to power their Web services, the environmental group Green...

  4. Prairie chicken holding up energy expansion in five states?

    Author Bill White weighs in on the energy industry and expansion in the U.S., the budget and government.

  5. Putin's ambitions far from finished in Eastern Europe?

    Examining Russia's capabilities in region

  6. Is U.S. too dependent on Saudi Arabia for energy?

    Former Gov. John Sununu, (R-NH), on the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia.

  7. Russia: a long-term threat?

    Former U.K. Defense Advisor Michael Kay on Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine crisis.

  8. House GOP express serious concerns about Eastern Europe

    Republicans urge Obama to take firm stance against Russia

  9. Russian Economic Cost Of Crimea Seizure Mounts

    The economic impact of annexing Crimea from Ukraine could drive Russia into a sharp recession this year even if the West stops short of trade sanctions, the World Ba...

  10. Do ObamaCare costs outweigh the benefits?

    Dennis Kucinich on the health law

  11. One-on-one Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Actor discusses new film 'Sabotage'

  12. Opportunities for investors in emerging markets?

    Advisory Research Inc. Managing Director Jonathan Brodsky, Peritus Asset Management CIO Tim Gramatovich and SFG Alternatives CIO Larry Shover on where the opportunities are for investors.

  1. Helping our heroes get hired

    Cheryl Casone has the jobs scoop for veterans

  2. Canadian ambassador to US on delayed pipeline decision

    Amb. Gary Doer on 'Special Report'

  3. Anger over administration choice to delay Keystone decision

    Peter Doocy reports

  4. Is the U.S. falling behind globally?

    Belpointe Chief Strategist David Nelson and Kaltbaum Financial President Gary Kaltbaum on how the U.S. can become competitive again globally.

  5. Amb. Richardson: Geneva meeting is 'last chance' for Russia

    U.S. officials: White House working on Ukraine aid deal

  6. Brent Oil Rises With Ukraine Tension

    Benchmark Brent oil rose slightly on Tuesday after news that Ukrainian armed forces launched military operations in the east of the country, though gains were limite...

  7. Nardelli talks activist investing

    XLR-8 LLC founder Robert Nardelli on activism.

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