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Energy Policy

Obama hits the road to campaign for gubernatorial races

FBN’s Rich Edson on President Obama’s campaign events.

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  1. Rep. Paul Ryan on energy, immigration reform

    House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan and FOX Business contributor Jon Hilsenrath discusses energy policy and immigration policy.

  2. Wind industry being helped by government subsidies?

    Cape Wind President Jim Gordon on the company, its approved offshore wind farm and the renewable energy industry.

  3. Should climate change be at the top of America’s agenda?

    Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore weighs in on the U.S. energy industry and the climate change debate.

  4. Getting money out of the government to pay your electric bill?

    CURE President Star Parker on the rising cost of electricity and why some Americans are having trouble paying their electric bills.

  5. How geopolitics and regulations impact metals, energy

    Commercial Metals CEO Joe Alvarado and Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren on the geopolitical impacts on metals and the energy industry, the European and Chinese economies and the EPA.

  6. Railroad industry and the energy revolution

    Burlington Northern Santa Fe executive chairman Matt Rose breaks down how the rail industry fits in the energy revolution.

  7. Will Putin strike against other countries if not stopped in Ukraine?

    FNC national security analyst KT McFarland and former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst on the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

  8. Chevron CEO: Independence or not, we’re sticking with Scotland

    Chevron CEO John Watson on Scotland’s independence vote, impact of geopolitics on business, and the U.S. oil export ban.

  9. Backlogs on U.S. railroads hurting farmers?

    Former Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon on why backlogs on railroads are hurting Midwest farmers and why he thinks the Keystone Pipeline should be built.

  10. How can the Keystone Pipeline benefit Midwest farmers?

    FBN’s Jeff Flock on how the Keystone Pipeline could benefit farmers in the U.S.

  11. Driving the U.S. towards energy independence

    W&T Offshore chairman Tracy Krohn discusses his outlook for oil and gas.

  12. Iran nuclear concerns overshadowed by ISIS?

    Fox News security analyst KT McFarland on Iran and President Obama’s strategy to combat ISIS.

  1. Declining oil prices a win for U.S. economy?

    Ty J. Young Wealth Management CEO Ty Young on the benefits of lower oil prices for U.S. consumers and the overall economy.

  2. Which midterm issues will create a market catalyst?

    Potomac Research Chief Political Strategist Greg Valliere and Banyan Partners Chief Market Strategist Bob Pavlik discuss how the midterm elections will impact Wall Street.

  3. ISIS continues march toward Baghdad despite airstrikes

    FOX News military analyst KT McFarland on the fight against ISIS in the Middle East and John Kerry’s pledge of $212 million in Gaza aid.

  4. Gen. Wesley Clark: America hates this divisive politics

    Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark, (Ret.), on the need for energy independence , the state of politics in America and why he is not planning to run for office again.

  5. Turkish President calling for U.S. ground troops to fight ISIS?

    FNC national security analyst KT McFarland on the latest in the fight against ISIS.

  6. Economic tailwinds motivating companies to boost hiring?

    Mansfield Oil Company CEO Doug Haugh, 42 Holdings President Stephen Bienko and Slavic Group President John Slavic on the steps to boosting hiring in America.

  7. Rep. Paul Ryan: We want low tax rates for all American businesses

    House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan and FOX Business contributor Jon Hilsenrath explains why it has been so difficult to implement new tax policy.

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