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Cap-and-Trade System

Low point for gas prices now in consumers’ rear-view mirror? senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan on the outlook for gas prices.

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  1. War on coal?: New regulations could cost $51B annually

    The Wall Street Journal senior energy reporter Russell Gold on upcoming release of new carbon regulations, the coal industry and fracking.

  2. EPA to unveil new regulations impacting coal, natural gas?

    Competitive Enterprise Institute Director of Energy and Environment Myron Ebell on the impact of new potential EPA regulations on coal and natural gas prices.

  3. Senate votes to take up energy efficiency bill

    FBN’s Rich Edson with the latest on the Senate’s work on the energy efficiency bill.

  4. U.N. struggling to avert carbon trade war with aviation deal

    Talks at the U.N.'s aviation body must bridge a deep divide between developed and emerging nations over airline emissions to avert the threat of a carbon trade war w...

  5. Obama's Climate Push Spells More Trouble For Coal

    President Barack Obama on Tuesday unveiled a push to implement new carbon dioxide emissions standards, a move that could send a shockwave through the energy industry...

  6. Obama: Keystone Decision Hinges on Environment

    President Barack Obama launched a new plan to tackle climate change on Tuesday with a call to limit carbon pollution from all U.S. power plants and a signal that he ...

  7. President to Kick-Start Global Climate Agenda

    President Barack Obama will attempt to kick-start a global climate agenda on Tuesday with proposals including a plan to limit carbon emissions from existing U.S. pow...

  8. Analysis: Airline emissions deal may not come before EU deadline

    Hope is fading for a global deal to regulate the airline industry's greenhouse gas emissions ahead of a fall deadline, even though failure could push the industry ba...

  9. Research the Focus of Obama's Second Term Energy Speech

    President Barack Obama will try to turn the page on bitterly partisan fights over energy policy on Friday, focusing his first energy speech of his second term on pro...

  10. Little Unity Over California's Cap -And -Trade Program

    Businesses and environmentalists remain deeply divided over California's landmark carbon cap-and-trade program, with industry calling it a job-killing nightmare and ...

  11. China Aims for More Clean-Energy Resources

    China will add millions of kilowatts of hydro, nuclear and solar power capacity this year, the country's top economic planning agency said in an annual report Tuesda...

  12. Keystone Pipeline a Step Closer to Approval?

    Platts Global Director of News John Kingston on efforts to get White House approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

  1. Will gas prices remain low in 2015? senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan on the outlook for gas prices in the year ahead.

  2. Unilever drops ‘Mayo’ lawsuit over non-egg recipe

    Hampton Creek Founder Josh Tetirck and Lanier Law Firm’s Mark Lanier discuss Unilever dropping their lawsuit against Hampton Creek Mayo.

  3. Media ignoring ObamaCare architect’s comments?

    Media Research Center’s Tim Graham weighs in on ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber’s comments, media bias and the U.S.-China climate deal.

  4. Paying more for energy to reduce CO2 emissions?

    Heritage Foundation Chief Economist Steve Moore on climate change, President Obama and the U.S. energy industry.

  5. Climate reality down under? Australia abandons carbon tax

    FBN’s Stuart Varney on the Margarita declaration, the Australian government and the climate change debate.

  6. Tom Steyer to pledge up to $100M to support climate change legislation’s Marc Morano on Tom Steyer’s meeting with White House officials and global climate change.

  7. Helping CEOs get comfy in Texas

    YTexas CEO Ed Curtis on the company and how it helps executives who are relocating to Texas.

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