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South Carolina Primary

Time to walk the plank on Senate debt vote

Rand Paul rallies support against NSA. Plus - U.S. policy in Afghanistan: Should Congress have a say?

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  1. Romney ready to take on President Obama?

    Focus group weighs in on Florida results, nomination process

  2. Romney Outspends Gingrich 5-1 in Florida

    FOX News Contributor Karl Rove on the battle for the Republican presidential nomination.

  3. Does religion have a place in politics?

    Will voters turn to religion when deciding who to vote for?

  4. Sarah Palin Weighs in on the 2012 Race

    The former Republican Governor of Alaska gives her assessment of the four remaining GOP contenders.

  5. A Turnaround for Romney in Florida?

    FBN’s Rich Edson with the latest details from Florida ahead of the primary.

  6. Gingrich: Romney carpet bombs his opponents

    GOP presidential candidate on 'Fox News Sunday'

  7. Newt continues his assault on the media

    Bernie Goldberg responds to the Speaker challenging a CNN moderator

  8. 2012 Race

    Chris Stirewalt and Shira Toeplitz on 2012 race

  9. Can Gingrich repeat in Florida?

    State campaign chair on status of race

  10. Some Laughs with Imus

    Some funny moments with "Larry King", "Tony X" and the gang.

  11. Romney's Tax Bill: $6.2 Million

    Republican U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney bowed to political pressure and cracked the books on his personal finances on Tuesday, releasing tax returns showi...

  12. Could Gingrich do it again in Florida?

    Sarah Palin weighs in on his South Carolina victory, 2012 race

  1. First female Citadel grad challenging Sen. Graham's seat

    Nancy Mace talks South Carolina primary run

  2. Power Play 5/7/2013

    Sanford and Colbert: Down to the wire. Benghazi: Now a scandal, but what kind? Plus - Debt ceiling fight takes shape.

  3. Power Play 7-16-2012

    Romney on the ropes over tax returns? Obama vulnerable on welfare changes and the President attacks Romney's private sector record with an eye on Ohio. Join the live chat...

  4. Campaign Insiders 7-16-2012

    Is the campaigns focus about to shift to the economy?

  5. The Newtness

    Chris Stirewalt, Shira Toeplitz and Bob Cusack discuss Newt Gingrich dropping out

  6. Rick Perry: I haven't left the fight, I just went home

    What's next for Texas governor after leaving GOP race?

  7. Super Bowl or Sunday News Shows?

    Political analyst Craig Crawford breaks down the continuing battle for the GOP nomination and his plans for Super Bowl Sunday.

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