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Rasmussen: 34% of Americans Say Economy Improving

Scott Rasmussen of Rasmussen Reports breaks down the latest survey on economic confidence.

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  1. Political Insiders 9/30/2013: Battle in Congress

    Government shutdown, Obamacare and the debt celing. Plus- UN Syria deal lost in the Obamacare haze. John LeBoutillier and Doug Schoen discuss

  2. Is a Govt shutdown the best strategy to defeat Obamacare?

    The Political Insiders weigh in

  3. Political Insiders 8/26/2013: Middle East a total disaster?

    Gov't shutdown, debt ceiling, scandals and escalating violence in Egypt and Syria. The political insiders take a look and the political impact

  4. Could Clinton Foundation Hinder a Hillary Campaign?

    ‘The Amateur’ author Ed Klein on signs Hillary Clinton is setting the groundwork for a 2016 Presidential campaign.

  5. President Chris Christie?

    Polls give the NJ governor a strong edge for 2016

  6. Remember why our money says 'In God We Trust'

    Kelly Wright on why he feels we as a nation are in need of some encouragement

  7. ObamaCare's employer mandate delay legal?

    Is the domestic agenda a lame duck?

  8. Crime, punishment and African Americans

    Talking Points 7/9

  9. 070213_krauthammer_830


  10. Losing faith in the Supreme Court?

    Poll says 69 percent of Americans skeptical of the Supreme Court

  11. Attempts to water-down IRS targeting scandal fail

    As IRS chief vows to fast-track some groups' tax-exempt applications, conservative groups sound off on agency's self-investigation and government watchdog's finding that progressives weren't singled out

  12. Is the left demonizing the Tea Party?

    Obama supporters see movement as terror threat

  1. Okla. lawmakers pushing to keep Christmas in the classroom

    State representative on bill for 2014

  2. Grinchy groups try to dampen the Christmas spirit

    Critics slam NORAD video with Santa's sleigh escorted by fighter jets

  3. The Next ObamaCare Victim: Obama Himself?

    Could ObamaCare actually force the man it's named after to resign as president? At least one Wall Street analyst says that while the chances are small, it's not out ...

  4. The Financial History of Daylight Saving

    Conceived by Benjamin Franklin and panned by Native American proverbs, daylight saving time, or DST, has been a constant topic of debate.And as this year's "fallback...

  5. User's Guide to the Debt Ceiling: 5 Common Myths About the Deficit

    With the clock ticking down to the estimated Oct. 17 debt ceiling deadline, it looks as if lawmakers are making strides to avoid hitting the $16.7 trillion borrowing...

  6. House Republicans eye short-term debt ceiling fix

    Rep. Ryan's plan gaining steam in GOP

  7. Gov't slimdown puts the GOP in political peril?

    Gov. Huckabee on how the president should call for unity in Congress

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