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Presidential Election

Rand Paul flip-flopping on issues?

Yahoo News political reporter Chris Moody on Rand Paul’s political views.

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  1. Future of the economy with a GOP House, Senate sweep?

    Former Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer on the minimum wage debate, the U.S. economy, the 2014 midterms and 2016 presidential election .

  2. What’s holding Obama back from drilling for oil, gas?

    Former Shell Oil Company President John Hofmeister on the UK’s terror threat alert, President Obama and the U.S. oil industry.

  3. National security to be top issue in 2016 election?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger argues national security will become a primary issue in the 2016 presidential election .

  4. Gasparino on Warren Buffett

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on Warren Buffett’s stance on tax policy.

  5. Lost Lerner emails too difficult to find?

    Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton with the latest on the IRS scandal and Lois Lerner’s lost emails.

  6. Midterm election impact on Wall Street

    Federated Investors Chief Equity Strategist Phil Orlando and former National Economic Council member Philippa Malmgren on how the midterm elections will affect the markets.

  7. Is Chris Christie Republicans best chance against Hillary Clinton in 2016?

    ‘Blood Feud’ author Ed Klein on the 2016 Presidential election and the political fallout of the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

  8. Federal judge gives new orders for answers on Lerner’s emails

    Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on a federal judge’s new orders for the IRS to turn over answers to Lois Lerner’s emails.

  9. Sen. Simpson: Obama is putting off all the wrong things

    Former Sen. Alan Simpson on U.S. foreign policy.

  10. Hillary Clinton questions White House policy in Syria

    FNC contributor Michael Goodwin on Hillary Clinton’s split with the Obama Administration on foreign policy.

  11. Hillary Clinton tries to distance herself from President Obama

    FNC contributor Joe Trippi on Hillary Clinton’s political future.

  12. The data the government collects on you at risk of exposure?

    Night Lion Security CEO Vinny Troia on privacy concerns over personal data the government collects.

  1. Would a Hillary Clinton campaign be vulnerable to a Democratic challenger?

    Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Michael Goodwin on Hillary Clinton’s potential 2016 Presidential bid.

  2. Ray Rice’s wife supporting husband after assault video?

    Fox News Medical A-Team’s Dr. Keith Ablow on the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal and President Obama’s ISIS speech.

  3. Ray Rice’s wife supporting husband after assault video?

    Fox News Medical A-Team’s Dr. Keith Ablow on the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal and President Obama’s ISIS speech.

  4. President Obama admits golfing after James Foley beheading was bad ‘optics’

    Executive coach Roy Cohen on why the Obama Administration is mishandling the mounting risks from ISIS.

  5. Study shows U.S. business climate good for companies, bad for workers

    Heritage Foundation Chief Economist Steve Moore on the current state of the U.S. economy.

  6. Could President Obama learn from JFK on how to give a press conference?

    ‘End of Days’ author James Swanson compares how President Obama handles press conferences versus how President Kennedy handled them.

  7. President Obama contradicting himself on ISIS strategy?

    FOX News contributor Deroy Murdock and comedian Jimmy Failla on President Obama’s comments on America’s strategy to combat ISIS.

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