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Pershing Chief Contributed to Schneiderman AG Campaign

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched a probe into whether nutritional-supplement maker Herbalife (NYSE:HLF) is an illegal pyramid scheme after his campaign received tens of thousands of dollars from a hedge fund manager who could reap millions if regulators take action against the company, FOX Business has learned.New York State campaign-contribution documents show that William Ackman, who runs hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management, has contributed $30,000 to Schneiderman's political campaign since 2010, ranking Ackman among the attorney general's largest individual contributors. For the past year, Ackman has been attacking Herbalife, alleging it is an illegal pyramid scheme and making a $1 billion bet that shares will fall.Convincing regulators like Schneiderman to bring charges against the company could be one way to knock the shares down. Schneiderman, who has been New York State Attorney General since January 2011, holds one of the most powerful office...

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