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New Hampshire Primary

  1. Reaction to Romney at NAACP

    All-Star Panel weighs in

  2. Power Play 7-6-2012

    Today on Power Play Live with Chris Stirewalt further proof the economy is struggling with a new jobs report out just this morning. How will President Obama face it and voters as campaigns through the rust belt? That and more...

  3. Battleground Friday: New Hampshire

    look at battleground state of new hampshire

  4. Big Picture: Why is the electorate angry?

    The 'Campaign Insiders' catch us up on the current state of the presidential race

  5. Ann Romney Shares a Compassionate Side to Her Husband Mitt Romney


  6. Ann Romney: Mitt can turn things around

    Wife of 2012 candidate on Super Tuesday, her battle with MS

  7. Who will emerge as the next Chinese leader?

    Dr. Michael Pillsbury asks: Will the U.S. have another "intelligence failure"?

  8. Caucuses a messy process?

    Critics say problems are too great to ignore

  9. Ron Paul's Nevada strategy

    What is his key to victory?

  10. Cavuto: Just calm down

    Media covering 2012 needs to take a breather

  11. Explaining How South Carolina Votes

    Explaining how South Carolina votes

  12. What to watch for in South Carolina primary

    Palmetto State GOP chair weighs in

  1. War fighters, not bureaucrats bear brunt of cuts

    Massive cuts to defense budget. Plus - a look at 2016.

  2. President Hillary Clinton?

    Is Hillary a sure-thing for 2016?

  3. James O'Keefe: Gureilla Journalism

    Author and journalist James O'Keefe talks about his gottcha videos that supposedly show abusive or illegal behavior.

  4. Stossel - 11/1/12 - Disaster & Election Myths

    Proper role of government in a crisis; hot topics that resurface around elections

  5. Debating the Election Polls

    Scott Rasmussen of Rasmussen Reports on the accuracy of political polls.

  6. Polls Show Obama Gaining in Swing States

    Author Mike Reagan discusses whether Mitt Romney should improve his staff to help in the last months of the campaign.

  7. New questions about tone of 2012 attack ads

    War of words getting out of hand?

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