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Michigan Primary

Did Auto Bailout Win Ohio for Obama?

AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson on the company’s growth and auto bailout’s impact on the election.

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  1. Washington State Warm Up for Super Tuesday

    Chris Stirewalt and Ron Bonjean discuss the Washington caucus

  2. What put Romney on top in Michigan, Arizona?

    Pollsters break down top issues in exit polling

  3. Do Democrats fear Mitt Romney?

    DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz reacts

  4. DNC Chair Reacts to Democrats Voting for Rick Santorum in the Michigan Primary ; Plus, Why is Bush to Blame for Rising Gas Prices, But Not Obama?


  5. WATCH: Mitt Romney Delivers Acceptance Speech After Winning Michigan Primary

    Romney Acceptance Speech

  6. Romney Faces Headwinds in Michigan Primary

    FBN’s Rich Edson on Mitt Romney’s push to win the Primary in his home state.

  7. GOP race like the Brady Bunch?

    Arizona and Michigan Primary Day

  8. Another 5-10% Drop in Housing Prices Ahead?

    IHS Global Insight Chief Economist Nariman Behravesh argues housing prices will continue to fall this year.

  9. Grading GOP Candidates on Taxes

    Howard Gleckman, Urban Institute senior resident fellow, breaks down the GOP candidates' tax plans and talks about the 2012 elections.

  10. Treasurys, Housing and the Economy

    Moody's chief economist John Lonski explains how a weak economic recovery is impacting Treasury rates.

  11. GOP Race Hinges on Michigan Toss Up

    Chris Stirewalt and Bill Hemmer discuss the Michigan primary

  12. Michigan's Wild West

    Chris Stirewalt and Congressman Bill Huizenga on western Michigan.

  1. 2012 Ad Wars

    James Rosen, Debbie Dingell and Taylor Griffith discuss the 2012 campaign

  2. Sharp Contrasts as General Election Begins

    Chris Stirewalt and Charlie Hurt on the general election.

  3. Can Romney escape health care issue?

    Santorum expands attacks on GOP opponent

  4. Ann Romney Shares a Compassionate Side to Her Husband Mitt Romney


  5. Ann Romney: Mitt can turn things around

    Wife of 2012 candidate on Super Tuesday, her battle with MS

  6. Candidates' Corner: Breaking down the race

    Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, and John LeBoutillier preview the road ahead

  7. Panel Plus: 3/4

    Watch the ‘FOX News Sunday' panel, Bill Kristol, Jeff Zeleny, Kimberley Strassel and Juan Williams, as they discuss Super Tuesday, in our web exclusive Panel Plus

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