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Mary Matalin

Mary Matalin talks ‘American Sniper’, Jeb Bush

Former Advisor to Vice President Cheney Mary Matalin discusses ‘American Sniper’ and Jeb Bush.

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  1. Matalin: Obama’s Negative Campaign Hasn’t Made an Impact

    Political strategist Mary Matalin discusses the president’s re-election campaign and the upcoming RNC Convention.

  2. What if the NSA Spied on Us?

    Author Brad Thor on his latest book, “Black List”.

  3. Matalin: 2012 Won’t Be a Pretty Race

    Mary Matalin , former advisor to VP Dick Cheney, on why she believes Romney will win the 2012 election.

  4. Matalin: We Do Not Want Poor People

    Mary Matalin , former advisor to Vice President Cheney, weighs in on the 2012 elections, Mitt Romney and eradicating poverty.

  5. Matalin: We Want Someone Proud, Confident

    Republican strategist Mary Matalin gives her take on the GOP contenders and what the party is looking for in a candidate.

  6. Who Can Beat Obama?

    James Carville, political strategist, on the possible GOP candidates that have a chance of beating President Obama in 2012.

  7. GOP Still Searching for a Candidate

    Political analyst Mary Matalin on the debate season and who will win the 2012 Republican nomination for president.

  8. Will Wall Street Protests Impact 2012 Election?

    Former Cheney advisor Mary Matalin discusses the ongoing protests on Wall Street and the frontrunners for the next presidential election.

  9. Liberals Rip GOP Females

    FOX News Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl and Deirdre Imus sound off on the female presidential candidates for 2012.

  10. 2012 GOP Shuffle Continues

    Mary Matalin , advisor to Dick Cheney, discusses possible candidates for the 2012 presidential election.

  11. Can Government Reach Agreement on Debt Talks?

    Mary Matalin , advisor to Dick Cheney, on the continued efforts to reach an accord on the debt ceiling.

  12. Matalin: Netanyahu Had Right to Confront Obama

    Former Cheney Advisor Mary Matalin on the president’s call for a change in the border between Palestine and Israel.

  1. Mary Matalin ’s take on the midterms, immigration

    Mary Matalin weighs in on the results of the midterm elections, Mary Landrieu and President Obama’s policy on immigration.

  2. Indictment charges good for Rick Perry, GOP?

    Former advisor to Vice President Cheney Mary Matalin on the crisis in Iraq, the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri and Rick Perry.

  3. Where is the GOP Headed?

    Former Cheney advisor Mary Matalin on the future of the Republican Party.

  4. Henninger: GOP Needs a Chief Party Spokesman

    The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger on the need for a strong voice from the Republican Party.

  5. Mary Matalin on Holiday Season

    Political strategist Mary Matalin discusses how she will celebrate the holiday season.

  6. 'The Office' Star Finds Hope in Bleakness

    Most people become artists or actors so they don't have to go to an office.Not B.J. Novak.He's best known for playing Ryan on NBC's hit comedy "The Office." He also ...

  7. Matalin: Obama Has to Explain Worst Recovery in History

    Former Cheney advisor Mary Matalin previews the first Presidential Debate.

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