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Iowa Caucuses

Rick Santorum running in 2016?

Former GOP candidate on 'Your World'

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  1. Bob Gates’ tough words for Obama

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  2. Who's selling 'the American people short': GOP or Obama?

    Ann Coulter sounds off

  3. Power Play 12/13/2013: Will Warren Wing scuttle budget deal?

    The Administration moves the goalposts again. Plus - Will Senate Democrats scuttle budget deal? And Pope Francis is named Time magazine's 'Person of The Year'

  4. Republicans divided over direction of party, rising stars

    Where are things headed for GOP?

  5. ObamaCare chaos: No leadership, honesty in the messaging

    Former Reagan advisor sizes up Pres. Obama's apology for ObamaCare, the latest revelations about's dysfunction before launch, the White House's handling of the troubled ObamaCare rollout, plus TIME's controversial Chris Christie cover

  6. Why the media loooove Chris Christie

    New Jersey governor becoming a mainstream media favorite

  7. Power Play 9/16/2013

    Navy Yard shooting. Plus - Left claims Summers' scalp: Who's next? And uninsured not buying into ObamaCare. Chris Stirewalt and guests discuss

  8. Rick Santorum responds to surging costs to raise children

    How can GOP improve messaging?

  9. President Hillary Clinton?

    Is Hillary a sure-thing for 2016?

  10. The Foxhole 7/23/2013

    James Rosen talks to the editor of National Review Rich Lowry

  11. 7 American cities for cooler weather escapes

    Barrow , Alaska temperature: 10.4 °FAverage low in Jan: -20°F Average high in July: 47°FB...

  12. Political Insiders 7/15/2013

    Obama delay strategy, House GOP divided on immigration and Farm bill loses food stamps. Plus - Hillary in 2016: Is she inevitable?

  1. NY Times: Congress will remain divided after midterms

    Papers sees Democrats keeping control of Senate, GOP the House

  2. 012714_BCTEST_3_VOD


  3. Down in the dumps: Target pushes workers into ObamaCare

    Target is transitioning their workers into government-run insurance and Thousands descend on Washington for the March For Life. Plus - What was learned from the Iowa caucuses ?

  4. Special Report Online: 1/15/14

    How ObamaCare will take center stage in midterm elections

  5. Will bridge scandal hurt Christie's presidential run?

    FOX News analyst Howard Kurtz on the political fallout of the bridge scandal for Chris Christie

  6. Did Obama choose politics over the American troops?

    Robert Gates claims President lacked confidence in his military strategy

  7. White House circles wagons after Gates drops bombshell

    Former defense secretary slams Obama over Afghanistan

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