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France’s Hollande dissolves government after clashes over economy

The Heritage Foundation Chief Economist Steve Moore on France’s economy and government.

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  1. Quayle: Obama has taken executive authority to a new level

    Former Vice President of The United States Dan Quayle whether President Obama is exceeding his authority by changing the health-care law and his expectations of the midterm elections.

  2. Uber expanding to helicopters?

    Political Prospect Editor Kayleigh McEnany, Independent Women’s Forum’s Hadley Heath Manning and Accent Asset Management’s Scott Martin on the backlash of cities against Uber and Americans’ concerns about the economy.

  3. Lawmakers cry cronyism

    White House press secretary Josh Earnest and Heritage Foundation chief economist Steve Moore on the Congressional fight over the Export-Import Bank.

  4. IRS to pay conservative group $50K in lawsuit settlement

    Washington Free Beacon’s Ellison Barber on the IRS scandal and the agency’s $50,000 settlement with a conservative group.

  5. Gauging the consumer through housing-market health

    Digital Risk managing partner Jeff Taylor and MRY CEO Matt Britton on the consumer, economy and real-estate market.

  6. Proposal to hike the federal gas tax by more than 65%?

    Sen. John Hoeven, (R-ND), Manhattan Institute’s Diana Furchtgott-Roth and Belpointe Chief Strategist David Nelson on efforts to increase the federal gas tax.

  7. Conflicts of interest in the markets?

    University of Notre Dame’s Robert Battalio on concerns Wall Street practices work against investors.

  8. Can a focus on ObamaCare help Republicans in midterms?

    Radio host Chris Plante and Republican strategist Mercedes Schlapp on the midterm elections.

  9. Varney: Obama’s ‘all-government’ approach was an experiment and it’s failed

    FBN’s Stuart Varney sounds off on President Obama.

  10. How much did Hillary Clinton know about Benghazi?

    FNC contributors Judith Miller and Michael Goodwin on the investigation into the Benghazi attack.

  11. Americans still concerned about economy’s outlook?

    Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes on the outlook for the economy.

  12. Should Democrats take on the 1% to win the midterm elections?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the midterm elections.

  1. Government = economy killer?

    Monster Worldwide Senior V.P. Joanie Courtney, FBN’s Charles Payne, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall, FBN’s Tracy Byrnes and reporter Kate Rogers on the government’s borrowing and spending habits.

  2. White House trying to do as little as possible in Iraq?

    FNC strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on the Obama Administration’s handling of Iraq.

  3. Where’s the economic recovery in the U.S.?

    The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s Mary Kissel on the U.S. jobs market and economic recovery.

  4. Does President Obama care about world crises?

    The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s Dan Henninger on President Obama’s fundraising and foreign policy.

  5. Obama administration competent when it comes to the economy?

    Trading Advantage’s Larry Levin on the President’s handling of the U.S. economy.

  6. Crowley: American power, prestige has collapsed under President Obama

    FOX News contributor Monica Crowley and FBN’s Charles Payne discuss President Obama’s management of the federal government, economy and foreign policy.

  7. Dan Quayle: U.S. still the sole superpower in the world

    Former Vice President of The United States Dan Quayle and former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli discuss geopolitical tensions.

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