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  1. Will president get a 'papal bump' in his approval numbers?

    Vatican and Obama differ on topics of discussion

  2. Poll: President's approval rating up after record low

    Reaction from Fox News political analyst Angela McGlowan

  3. Fox News Poll : Country weaker under Obama

    John Bolton breaks down political implications

  4. Democratic pollster warns Democrats: Don't defend ObamaCare

    Celinda Lake explains her strategy

  5. Is America on the right path?

    Panel believes the country's best days are behind it

  6. Impact of GOP win in Florida on midterm elections

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  7. Political Insiders, Part 3: ObamaCare poll results

    Majority feel pessimistic

  8. Top 5 moments, messages from CPAC 2014

    Studio audience on how conservative policies can save America

  9. Another setback for ObamaCare

    Lou Dobbs weighs in

  10. Fox News Poll : Obama's job approval at record low

    A new Fox News poll shows only 38% of registered voters approve of President Obama's job performance, a record low for the president.

  11. Joe Trippi: Not a great year to be an incumbent

    Poll: Majority of voters want to throw everyone out of Congress

  12. Awaiting WH reaction to Feb unemployment numbers

    Ed Henery reports from Washington

  1. Internet freedom at risk?

    FBN’s Peter Barnes with the latest on the Internet control debate.

  2. Political Insiders part 1: Ukraine and surrendering America

    Secretary Kerry in Paris for crisis talks; Pentagon plans to shrink Army to pre-WWII level

  3. Is the Obama administration surrendering America?

    Reducing the size of the military & giving up control of a key internet body. Plus - Yet another Obamacare deadline that's been delayed

  4. Gov. Christie on what he learned from the scandal

    N.J. governor addresses report that cleared him in bridge scandal

  5. Equality and the president's falling poll numbers

    Talking Points 3/28

  6. Fox News Poll : Voters worry about worsening job situation

    According to the latest Fox News Poll 48% of voters think the nation's job situation is getting worse instead of better.

  7. Centrist Dems offering legislative fix for health care law

    Response to ObamaCare enrollment issues

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