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U.S. ground troops needed to fight ISIS threat in Iraq?

Washington Free Beacon’s Ellison Barber on the Syria Amendment debate and the U.S. strategy against ISIS.

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  1. Relationship advice from Father Jonathan Morris

    FOX News contributor Father Jonathan Morris on Pope Francis and marriage counseling.

  2. Hillary Clinton still Democrats’ top prospect in 2016?

    FNC political analysts Ed Rollins and Juan Williams on Hillary Clinton’s political future and Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s handling of the Texas-Mexican border.

  3. Obama Administration’s biggest supporters most hurt by economy?

    The Heritage Foundation Chief Economist Steve Moore on the declining support for the Obama Administration and the June jobs report.

  4. Obama’s border crisis

    Texas AG Greg Abbott on trying to control the border issues in Texas.

  5. Washington shocked at Eric Cantor loss

    Chris Moody on Eric Cantor’s upset loss to David Brat and what it means for Republicans.

  6. What does a $15 minimum wage mean for Seattle’s economy?

    Money Map Press’ Michael Robinson, FBN’s Liz MacDonald and Nicole Petallides on the markets, Apple, GM, Lockheed Martin, Panera Bread and Seattle’s $15 minimum wage.

  7. Phil Mickelson subject of insider-trading probe?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano and FBN’s Charles Payne weigh in on reports of a high-profile insider-trading probe.

  8. India’s newly elected leader said to be pro-business

    Wells Fargo Advisors senior international strategist Sameer Samana, John Odland of Oppenheimer Asset Management and Committee for Economic Development CEO Steve Stoltzfus on the impact of the elections in India.

  9. Wetumpka Tea Party founder: Lois Lerner must be held accountable

    Wetumpka Tea Party founder Becky Gerritson weighs in on Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal.

  10. April jobs report: the best of times, the worst of times?

    Former Reagan economic advisor Art Laffer weighs in 401(k)s and the April jobs report.

  11. What’s next for Ukraine?

    FBN’s Ashley Webster and Marshall Auerback of the Institute for New Economic Thinking on Ukraine’s economy.

  12. Do Americans want a Bush vs. Clinton rematch in 2016?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on Americans’ views on political dynasties.

  1. European stocks rise ahead of Fed statement

    IG market analyst Chris Beauchamp on the European markets.

  2. President Obama goes on the offensive to combat Ebola

    Tea Party News Network’s Scottie Hughes weighs in on President Obama’s Ebola virus strategy, his economic policies, Scotland’s independence vote and her new book.

  3. Would Scottish independence rock U.S. markets?

    Heritage Foundation’s Nile Gardiner on Scotland’s independence vote and the potential impact on U.S. financial markets.

  4. Could Scotland be the first domino to fall for Europe?

    FBN’s Charles Payne on the potential fallout in Europe if Scotland votes for independence.

  5. Kashkari: Jerry Brown thinks he is the prince who’s entitled to be governor

    California GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari with an update on his campaign, Tesla and what he would do if elected governor.

  6. Obama Administration paralyzed by mounting global threats?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on White House foreign policy and immigration policy.

  7. Has the White House lost the confidence of the American people?

    Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes on the markets, economy and the declining approval rating of the White House.

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