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Election Day

Gasbuddy: Cheapest Labor Day for driving since 2010

Gasbuddy chief oil analyst Tom Kloza gives his outlook for gas prices.

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  1. Herman Cain talks health care, Dr. Ben Carson

    Former Presidential candidate Herman Cain on Nancy Pelosi’s comments on the GOP and ObamaCare, and whether Dr. Ben Carson will campaign for political office.

  2. $85,000 for a belt buckle?

    Luxury entrepreneur Roland Iten shows off some of his company’s most luxurious items.

  3. How the Republican Party can be successful in the midterm elections

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on how the Republican Party can shift its strategy to win elections.

  4. Will the GOP take over the Senate in 2014?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on President Obama and the 2014 midterm elections.

  5. On Election Day : A Look at ObamaCare and Small Business

    What is top-of-mind for business owners this Election Day ?

  6. Michael Dell Sweetens Buyout Bid By $150M

    With his back against the wall amid shareholder dissent, Michael Dell slightly sweetened his takeover bid for struggling PC maker Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) on Wednesday and...

  7. Icahn Says Dell Vote Shouldn't Be Postponed Again

    Billionaire investor Carl Icahn and Southeatern Asset Management on Tuesday called on the Dell Inc. board to "keep its promise and let the vote be finally decided on...

  8. Potential Business Opportunities in Venezuela?

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela Otto Reich on the potential opportunities in Venezuela for U.S. companies.

  9. Market Wrap for Monday, February 25: Stocks Plunge on Italy Fears

    The U.S. stock market was hit hard on Monday as investors reacted to uncertainty emanating out of Italy on election day.The Dow lost more than 200 points on fears th...

  10. Faber: We Could See a 1987-Like Market Crash

    'The Gloom, Boom & Doom' report editor Marc Faber gives his outlook for the markets.

  11. U.S. Regulators Approve CNOOC’s Acquisition of Nexen

    The Strategic Materials Advisory Council’s Dean Popps on what China’s state-owned CNOOC’s acquisition of Canada’s Nexen means for the U.S.

  12. The Politics of Prayer

    Christian League President Bill Donohue on the prayer ahead of Sen. Feinstein’s anti gun-control presser.

  1. Americans disapprove of White House handling of the border crisis?

    Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes, Independent Women’s Forum’s Hadley Heath Manning and ProActive Communications President Mark Serrano on White House immigration policy.

  2. A GOP civil war developing?

    Rep. Justin Amash on who will rise to power in the Republican party.

  3. Can a focus on ObamaCare help Republicans in midterms?

    Radio host Chris Plante and Republican strategist Mercedes Schlapp on the midterm elections.

  4. Should Democrats take on the 1% to win the midterm elections?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the midterm elections.

  5. Ryan budget plan would cut spending by $5.1T

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal.

  6. ObamaCare still not attracting millennials?

    Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk weighs in ObamaCare delays and why millennials aren’t signing up for health-care plans.

  7. 2014 midterms: What to expect from Democrats

    VOX Global President Robert Hoopes on President Obama’s call to end NSA bulk phone data collection and the Democratic strategy for the 2014 midterm elections.

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