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  1. Democratic pollster warns Democrats: Don't defend ObamaCare

    Celinda Lake explains her strategy

  2. 2014 midterms: What to expect from Democrats

    VOX Global President Robert Hoopes on President Obama’s call to end NSA bulk phone data collection and the Democratic strategy for the 2014 midterm elections.

  3. Power Play: Doug Ducey is off to the races in Arizona

    Chris Stirewalt sits down with Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Doug Ducey who hopes to capture the GOP nomination in a crowded field.

  4. 'Class warfare slugfest' underway in Ill. race for governor

    A look at election heating up

  5. Special election has Democrats worried about midterms

    Will ObamaCare change the balance of power on Capitol Hill?

  6. Critics say Obama's overtime pay overhaul will kill jobs

    Fallout over the president's executive order

  7. David Jolly: My victory 'gives Democrats reason to worry'

    Republican congressman-elect reacts to special election win in Florida

  8. Can Republicans repeal ObamaCare? news editor Katie Pavlich weighs in on ObamaCare and gun rights.

  9. The back to Pelosi budget

    Obama's tax-and-spend blowout aimed at turning out Democrats in November

  10. Can Obama hold his own party together ahead of midterms?

    Shannon Bream reports from Washington

  11. Prospects grow for GOP to win Senate

    Power Play: Arizona Governor Brewer vetoes controversial bill, Hillary pulls into passing lane on ObamaCare, and will GOP let off the gas?

  12. Beyond the ballot: New app grades companies' political bent

    Know where companies donate money

  1. Power Play: Off to the Races with Rep. Rodney Davis, R-IL

    Chris Stirewalt meets up with Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill. on Capitol Hill. Davis won in 2012 by 1,002votes in a district that narrowly voted for Mitt Romney in '12 after voting for President Obama in '08. Davis is opposed by Ann Callis (D).

  2. Has the President lost America’s trust?

    Americans for Tax Reform Director Mattie Duppler and Cato President John Allison on the mounting questions over the information and statistics from the White House.

  3. Did Lerner help direct IRS targeting of conservative groups?

    Fox News contributor Karl Rove weighs in

  4. Democrats’ tax break double standard

    The Daily Caller Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein, former President George W. Bush White House aide Dee Dee Benkie and Political Prospect Editor Kayleigh McEnany on Democrats pushing tax hikes for some and tax breaks for others.

  5. Hillary Clinton on the 'campaign trail'?

    A look at likely Democratic frontrunner's schedule

  6. More comments on ObamaCare from Senator Reid?

    Tea Party News Network’s Scottie Nell Hughes on Senator Harry Reid and ObamaCare.

  7. Power Play: Off to the races with Ruben Gallego for AZ-7

    Chris Stirewalt speaks with Democratic primary challenger Ruben Gallego running for Arizona's 7th District (Phoenix). Gallego is a former Marine and combat veteran in Iraq. Rep. Ed Pastor (D) announced his retirement in February.

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