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Big campaign donors burned by proposed Internet regulations?

FBN’s Peter Barnes on how proposed Internet regulations could impact some of President Obama’s biggest campaign donors .

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  1. Pres. Obama Courts 'Fat Cat' Cash

    Freedom Fighters Shibani Joshi, Katherine Mangu-Ward and Carl Jeffers talk about the implications of the President’s secret White House meeting with influential Wall Street bankers.

  2. In Defense of Israel

    FNC political analyst Kirsten Powers joins the Judge to argue that the stance the President took on Israel this week is exactly what's needed to make progress in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

  3. Does Obama Risk Losing Jewish Supporters?

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the risks of the President losing financial and voter support from the Jewish community over his Israel policies.

  4. Congress Steps Up Probe of White House Health Reform Meetings

    GOP members of the powerful U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee have stepped up their probe of secret back-room negotiations and quid pro quo deals struck in he...

  5. Issa Questions Legality of Sestak Job Offer

    Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-Calif), on why he is seeking an investigation into the reported job offer to Rep. Joe Sestak, (D-Pa.).

  6. Keep the Change

    When President Obama signs financial reform , it will be his own Pottery Barn moment, a "you break it, you own it" moment where he can't blame George W. Bush , or An...

  7. Keep the Change

    April 30, 2010 9:05 AM Keep the Changeby Elizabeth MacDonaldSelect rating Poor Okay Good Great Awesome Average: 4.7 ( 31 votes)Comments »When President Obama signs f...

  1. Rep. Grimm on campaign, indictment

    Rep. Michael Grimm, (R-NY), on his re-election campaign and indictment.

  2. Embattled Rep. Grimm responds to Dems’ ‘fraud’ attack ads

    Rep. Michael Grimm, (R-NY), on his re-election campaign and indictment.

  3. Mitt Romney’s Wall Street Days

    Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi on his latest article about the leveraged-buyout career of Mitt Romney.

  4. Capitol Hill Clash Over Tax Hike or Tax Cut

    FBN's Rich Edson on the disagreement between House Republicans and Democrats over a tax policy.

  5. Koch Industries Braces for Another Cyber Attack

    Koch Industries , the Wichita-based private conglomerate run by the billionaire Koch brothers, is bracing for another cyber attack, a cyber security source told FOXB...

  6. White House to Review Energy Loans, Post-Solyndra

    The White House said Friday it would conduct an independent review of the Energy Department's loan portfolio following the collapse of Solyndra, the solar panel make...

  7. GOP Presidential Hopefuls Face Off in Iowa

    FBN's Rich Edson in Iowa ahead of tonight's Republican Presidential debate.

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