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Bill Ayers

Obama holds press conference on ObamaCare, Ukraine

President claims Affordable Care Act is working

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  1. Bill Ayers Discusses Life after the Weather Underground

    Activist and dissident Bill Ayers talks about his new book "Public Enemy" and being misrepresented by the media.

  2. Is the U.S. Government Filled with Radicals?

    Alan debates "The Enemies Within" author Trevor Loudon about his belief that the United States Congress is full of communists, socialists and progressives.

  3. Palin: Obama 'stalling and stirring chaos' with phony claim

    'Second Term Scandals - Phony?': Armed with 'redneck clipboard,' former governor Sarah Palin gives theory behind president and White House's claims that they have been distracted by 'phony scandals'

  4. Sneak Peek: 'Second Term Scandals - Phony?' An 'On the Record' Special

    Former governor Sarah Palin reacts to the 'phony scandals' comment made my President Obama

  5. Power Play 7/18/2013

    Obama touts shiny object on health costs, IRS hearings and GOP controlled House digs in on immigration. Chris and guests discuss

  6. Peter Johnson, Jr. on Rolling Stone cover: 'This is sick'

    Fox News analyst reacts to glamorizing of Boston bombing suspect

  7. Did the Media Steal the 2012 Election?

    Media Research Center president L. Brent Bozell talks about his book "Collusion" and his belief that the press helped steal the 2012 election.

  8. FNC Video


  9. Protecting the United States

    Kirsten Powers on drone debate

  10. President Obama and national security

    Talking Points 6/19

  11. Power Play 6/18/2013

    What are the surprises in this Immigration Bill? How did Obama loose young voters? And NSA opens the doors on Capitol Hill

  12. Why did the Attorney General pardon terrorists?

    Is Holder soft on major scandals?

  1. Miller Time: Americans ambivalent about Putin?

    Comedian on Putin, Eric Holder, President Obama and race

  2. Exclusive: Dinesh D'Souza back with new film 'America'

    Controversial film asks what if America never existed?

  3. Exclusive: Dinesh D'Souza is 'undeterred' by backlash

    Filmmaker speaks out about the controversy

  4. New revelations from Robert Gates' memoir

    Former defense secretary claims president told public Afghanistan war was going well, told aids strategy wasn't working

  5. Gutfeld: We're still waiting for President Obama's apology

    Thanks to the coddling media, the president never has to face his mistakes

  6. Miller Time: Washington chaos

    Comedian on the Washington chaos, Bill Ayers , and Joe Biden

  7. Ex-Weather Underground leader calls on people to be 'moral'

    Man whose family was targeted by Bill Ayers' domestic terror group reacts

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