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Presidential Plastic: Which Credit Cards do They Carry?

In case you hadn't noticed, there's a presidential election right around the corner and there's some lively discussion on a host of issues. Voters are inundated with information about the candidates, their families, personal spending records, and little things like unemployment, oil dependency and foreign policy.At, we decided to take a look at what we're really all wondering: what credit cards might they -- or should they -- each have? While we can't be sure which cards the main players in the 2012 presidential campaign have in their wallets and handbags, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun and take a guess.President Barack ObamaThe only credit card we know our current head of state carries is the metaphorical corporate one for U.S.A. Inc. Just like an American Express card, it comes without preset spending limits. However, just like an American Express card, that doesn't mean you can spend as much as you want on it.Credit counselors disagree about who's to blame ...

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    Democratic strategist Sally Kohn on the administration’s efforts to correct comments made about Ann Romney .

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  1. Romneys' Average Tax Rate: 20% Over 20 Years

    Mitt and Ann Romney paid an average effective federal tax rate of 20.2% and owed both state and federal income taxes every year over the 20-year period ending in 200...

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    Ann Romney on family and what she has learned from the challenges of dealing with Multiple Sclerosis.

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