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African-American Voters

The media and the race card

Pundits illuminating or inflaming the situation?

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  1. Grapevine: Sour grapes? Bill Clinton's late-night phone call

    Rep. James Clyburn recounts choice words from former president

  2. Uncertainty in Washington over new jobs report

    Power Play: Jobs numbers look bleak, new set of ObamaCare delays, and who's ahead in Colorado's Senate race?

  3. Liberal dissatisfaction with President Obama

    Talking Points 1/30

  4. Power Play 1/20/14: Social issues resurgent

    Social issues like marijuana, abortion take center stage in 2014. Plus - ObamaCare's 'mandate meltdown'

  5. Power Play 1/9/14: Road block for Chris Christie?

    Obama re-launches the war on poverty, New Jersey bridge scandal, and numbers don't add up for ObamaCare

  6. Power Play 1/3/14: ObamaCare will boost ER visits

    New study disputes President Obama’s claim

  7. 2013 a busy year inside the Beltway

    A look back at the year in politics

  8. Losing African American support

    Will dissatisfaction drive the African American community to the GOP?

  9. Power Play 12/20/13: ObamaCare deadlines loom

    Another change to ObamaCare from the White House, controversy surrounds ‘Duck Dynasty’ star, and bipartisan support in senate over Iran sanctions bill

  10. 121813_obamaad_500


  11. Why is the GOP failing to attract minorities?

    Conservative Black Chick editor Crystal Wright weighs in on why the GOP is failing to attract minorities and Jim Brown’s comments on Obama.

  12. Political Insiders Pt. 2: Christie's future; deal with Iran?

    Presidential run seems likely for N.J. governor; negotiations with Iran set to resume

  1. Is America getting sick of the media's race baiting?

    Carl Jackson on racism fatigue

  2. Prominent Chicago pastor breaking ties with Dems

    Rev. Meeks backs GOP gubernatorial candidate

  3. Chicago preacher James Meeks dumps Dems, goes right

    Mike Tobin reports

  4. Democrats slam election soothsayer's latest prediction

    Why liberals are turning on Nate Silver

  5. How can we tackle America's exploding national debt?

    T.W. Shannon on his run for Senate in Oklahoma and his plan to get the national debt under control

  6. Why America's education system is failing our kids

    Senator Tim Scott explains why local schools need greater input

  7. How the GOP can win: Immigration

    Path forward for the Republican Party

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