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Absentee Voting

Impact of GOP win in Florida on midterm elections

'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

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  1. Grapevine: Embarrassing incident for EPA

    Agency awards certificates to fake employee

  2. Ohio Voter Fraud Indictments

    Secretary of State Jon Husted on stopping voter fraud

  3. How could an Obama supporter vote six times?

    Veteran Ohio poll worker under investigation for allegedly voting for Pres. Obama six times last November

  4. Ohio Voter Fraud Investigation

    Eric Shawn on allegations of double voting

  5. Fox News Reporting: 36 Days That Decided the Presidency

    The 2000 election began as a race to the White House but ended up being one of the most unpredictable political dramas of the century

  6. The cost of arrogance

    White House getting too cocky?

  7. FNC Video


  8. Awaiting recount results in Rep West’s congressional race

    Partial recount in St Lucie County

  9. FNC Video


  10. Full episode: 'Red Eye' 11/9/12

    Sherrod Small, Jedediah Bila and Gavin McInnes break down the 2012 presidential election

  11. 'Red Eye' helps count ballots in Florida

    Sunshine State close to calling race?

  12. Ballot counting continues in Florida

    Phil Keating reports from Miami

  1. Looking at CPAC and beyond: is the game rigged?

    American Exceptionalism v. America's Decline. Plus - GOP’s hunt for a 2016 Candidate to beat Hillary

  2. Commission releases new recommendations on election reform

    Effort to make voting easier, faster

  3. Racist 'Daily Show' Interview Cost Yelton His Job

    Former Buncombe County GOP Precinct Chair Don Yelton tries to defend the comments that got him canned.

  4. State Senator Resigns to Fight Restrictive Voter I.D. laws

    North Carolina State Senator Ellie Kinnaird (D) tells Alan how she plans to fight her state's restrictive voter I.D.

  5. Justice Department takes on voting rights laws

    Reaction to challenging states following SCOTUS ruling

  6. What is the future of the Voting Rights Act?

    Attorney for Southern Coalition for Social Justice Allison Riggs explains what is already happening to suppress voter turnout after the Supreme Court's Voting Rights Act decision.

  7. 2008 Presidential Election Fraud Case Sentencing

    The four defendants will be sentenced on Monday

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