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Eleanor Roosevelt

Is It Time to Lighten Up in the Market… Or Lighten Up on the Skepticism?

Everyone is pensively asking the same questions concerning the market's big gains: Is this the beginning of a new and better Bull, or is this just another disappointing head fake? My prognostics are swayed by my fiduciary responsibilities. Currently, these lie with retirees or near retirees. Still, for those 50 years of age and under, it doesn't matter what the near-term direction of the market is. Just keep diligently saving by dollar cost averaging into the market. You do have the time to profit, and you certainly have more pressing issues to deal with. Like why your youngest child thinks Kim Kardashian is the new prototype for Eleanor Roosevelt.The Controlling ThemesAs for the retirement set, you must to be constantly aware of a couple of themes to determine if this market is sound. The first is globalization, When we exported a large part of our manufacturing and intellectual base away in search of cheap unregulated labor, we simultaneously destroyed a sizable chunk of the income b...

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    Historian Douglas Brinkley on his new book on 32nd president of the United States.

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    April 7, 2011 11:14 AM UTC by John StosselWill you miss Squeaks the Mouse?The handwringing continues over who is an “essential” government worker.This was on Twitter...

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