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Ed Rendell

Giuliani talks taxes and cybersecurity

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on New York’s ‘tax flight’ and cybersecurity issues.

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  1. Brian and Phelim McAleer

    Brian and Phelim McAleer

  2. FNC Video


  3. Can Investors Gain from U.S. Shale Gas Exports?

    WL Ross & Co. CEO Wilbur Ross on the sectors for investor to watch.

  4. Rep. Steny Hoyer on real impact of sequestration

    House minority whip speaks out

  5. Fox News Reporting: 36 Days That Decided the Presidency

    The 2000 election began as a race to the White House but ended up being one of the most unpredictable political dramas of the century

  6. Has the left been silent for four years?

    Former green jobs czar believes time is over for silence

  7. Power Play 11-7-12

    We'll break down the election results. What do you think?

  8. Obama team confident on Election Day

    Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter weighs in

  9. Self-funded Senate bid

    Tom Smith wants to go to Washington

  10. Can Romney carry the momentum into Election Day?

    Fox News contributor Karl Rove weighs in

  11. Obama’s Spending Hurting the Middle Class?

    Hoover Institution Fellow Edward Lazear on the tax implications for the middle class of Obama’s spending policy.

  12. Power Play 10/24/2012

    White House tipped on Al Qaeda link in Libya within hours, The vision thing and Young voters key in Colorado. Join the live chat...

  1. Power Play 12/10/13: Podesta's new role

    White House shakeup: Panic play? Plus - looking ahead to 2014 gubernatorial elections, and Rep. Bill Johnson on Sebelius and ObamaCare

  2. Most bizarre regulations in America

    Cutting through our nation's rules

  3. Jimmy Hoffa, Frank Sheeran and the Mafia

    Eric Shawn on the new book "The Quiet Don"

  4. ObamaCare agency makes $23M mistake that's DOA

    ObamaCare implementation agency paid out $23 million on behalf of dead people, further proof, former NYC mayor Giuliani says, that the government shouldn't handle our health care

  5. Are schools getting too soft on kids?

    One parent weighs in on the banning of tag at a New Hampshire school

  6. Bias Bash: Reporting on Detroit's bankruptcy

    Rich Lowry on how news outlets have analyzed the city's future

  7. Giuliani on Marc Rich Pardon: It’s an Outrage

    Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani weighs in on the Marc Rich pardon, following Rich’s passing.

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