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Dwight D. Eisenhower

Government Monitors More than 900M Credit Card Accounts

The UK government is currently finishing loading all the medical records for that country's entire population onto one computer database, and plans to allow university and government researchers to access individual files later this year. It's argued that this could produce significant health benefits, allowing drugs, procedures and treatment strategies to be tracked on a massive scale for efficacy, cost and side effects. Only a patient's family doctor (and authorized clinicians who are actively treating him or her) can read the full file. Everyone else can see only versions in which the patient's name and full address have been redacted.Very few Britons seem remotely bothered by this, not least because, if they end up in an ER in a strange city, the clinicians who treat them could access their entire medical histories within a few keystrokes. But an additional proposal has caused a huge political row. The administration wants to sell those redacted patient records to the private secto...

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  1. How to Become a Great Leader: 15 Entrepreneurs Weigh In

    Leadership means different things to different people. And understanding what makes someone a leader can depend on their profession and their leadership style .That’...

  2. Is a Political Collapse in Greece Inevitable?

    University of Chicago Professor Charles Lipson on the potential political consequences of the Greek debt crisis.

  3. What Small Business Wants to Hear During the Debate

    Polls indicate President Obama is extending his lead in battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, which is bad news for Republican challenger Mitt...

  4. Administration Sending Mixed Messages on Libya, Egypt?

    American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Rubin and Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent Byron York and Rep. Buck McKeon, (R-Calif.), on how the U.S. should respond to the recent violence in Egypt and Libya.

  5. Rove: It’s Going to Be a Close Race

    FOX News Contributor Karl Rove on the economic strategies of the two parties heading into the election.

  6. Betting on a Romney Win? Check the S&P 500 First

    While some observers believe the market's recent rise (notwithstanding Thursday's selloff) signals an impending loss for President Obama, history actually overwhelmi...

  7. Peters: Defense Contractors Should Be Held Accountable

    Lt. Col Ralph Peters (Ret.) on the impact of defense cuts and why there has to be a change in the defense-contracting industry.

  8. Are Our Liberties Being Robbed by the Government?

    “Black List” author Brad Thor on how the government’s increased surveillance in America is affecting Americans’ privacy and freedom.

  9. NY Times: Economy is Improving

    Democratic Strategist Bernard Whitman argues the economy is on the upswing.

  10. Obama’s Spending Binge: Fact or Fiction?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs breaks down the federal government’s spending under the Obama Administration.

  11. McFarland: U.S., China Have Different Views on Human Rights

    KT McFarland, FNC contributor, on the U.S.’s relationship with China and the fallout from the blind Chinese dissident.

  12. Afghanistan Speech: Candidate or Commander-in-Chief?

    National Review’s Jay Nordlinger, FNC legal analyst Lis Wiehl, Democratic Strategist Hank Shienkopf and FNC political analyst Juan Williams on whether Obama’s speech in Afghanistan was too political.

  1. Ford to Double Global Launches, Hire 5K U.S. Workers in 2014

    Ford Motor (NYSE:F) said Thursday it plans to hire about 3,300 U.S. salaried workers and more than double its global launches in 2014, as the automaker looks to driv...

  2. JFK and Small Business

    I believe the SBA is the most effective government agency, and it embodies the hope that President Kennedy instilled among Baby Boomers and subsequent generations.

  3. Can't Agree on Savings Goals? Let Ike Help

    While you may not agree with all of your significant other's money priorities, taking the time to discuss the issue may reveal that you share many of the same financ...

  4. Karen Mills Helped Put Small Business Front and Center

    Small businesses lost a great advocate when Small Business Administration (SBA) chief Karen Mills announced her resignation. She did more to raise the profile of the importance of small companies than perhaps any other government official in recent memory.

  5. How Would Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary Impact Economy?

    Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes on Jack Lew, government spending and the economy.

  6. Which Political Party is Better for Your Wallet?

    Polaris Financial Partners Principal Bob Deitrick on which political party is better for Americans’ finances.

  7. Money-Saving Idea is One for the Books

    I believe there's a fail safe way of identifying people who are better money managers than others.The better money managers, generally speaking, are those who regula...

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