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Drug Testing

Drug testing for welfare recipients

Mississippi to start drug testing folks who apply for welfare

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  1. Veterans Treatment Courts aim to break cycle of crime

    Special courts help vets trapped in legal system

  2. Teens in trouble: Studies shed light on drugs, pregnancy

    Dr. Marc Siegel weighs in

  3. Is a game changer in A-Rod's future?

    Suspended Yankees third baseman sues Major League Baseball

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  5. A-Rod's attorney refutes claims in '60 Minutes' segment

    Yankees slugger seeks to overturn MLB suspension

  6. Judge strikes down drug tests for welfare

    Reaction from Florida State Rep. Will Weatherford

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  8. States to drug test public assistances recipients

    Prevention push in Kansas, Minnesota

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  10. The nanny state vs. Christianity

    Would Jesus approve of the nanny state?

  11. Dylan video storms Web

    ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ video is a hit, 48 years after song released

  12. Can Toronto Mayor Rob Ford salvage his political career?

    Council debates stripping him of most powers

  1. Miracle on the Hudson co-pilot on Malaysia jet mystery

    Jeff Skiles on what could have happened inside the cockpit and cabin

  2. Five movies to see before Oscar night

    Kevin McCarthy has the list

  3. Education policy to blame for skyrocketing ADHD rates?

    Research finds link to increase in diagnoses

  4. Heroin found in elementary school's faculty bathroom

    Parents outraged; teachers union no-longer cooperating

  5. The President’s social justice policies

    John Stossel on the impact of the President’s social justice policies

  6. Amputee veteran and service dog kicked out of Starbucks

    Employee demanded he prove disability

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