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Doctors Without Borders

  1. Is military action inevitable in Syria?

    Homeland Security Committee Chair Rep. McCaul responds

  2. How bad is the humanitarian crisis in North Korea?

    Richard Walden on the difficulties getting help to the people who really need it in North Korea

  3. Getting you some cash

    Tip of the Day 1/29

  4. Visit Charity Navigator for reputable charities

    Tip of the Day 12/14

  5. Gas Rationing Spreads to NY in Wake of Sandy

    New York City drivers will wake up on Friday to the first widespread gas rationing since the fuel crisis of the 1970s, as the U.S. Northeast struggles to recover fro...

  6. Meet the Air Boss of the USS Iwo Jima

    The Air Boss of the USS Iwo Jima talks to Defcon3 host K.T. McFarland about running the flight deck and aircraft of the amphibious assault ship.

  7. Haiti Death Toll Nears 200,000

    UK’s Doctors Without Borders General Director Mark Dubois on the situation in Haiti.

  8. Douglas Brinkley on Haiti

    Historian Douglas Brinkley on the lack of sanitation and other issues facing Haiti.

  9. Retailers: Staging a Comeback

    We break down whether October's numbers are a sign of the return of the retailer.

  10. Deirdre Imus Haitian Earthquake Response

    Deirdre Imus discusses what individuals can do to help those affected by the national disaster.

  11. Haiti Earthquake Aftermath

    FOX News’ Orlando Salinas and Doctors Without Borders ’ Marc DuBois on helping Haiti.

  12. Threat of Cholera Increases in Haiti

    More than 1,000 people have died so far in the Caribbean nation

  1. Filipino groups in US donate aid to typhoon-ravaged country

    Claudia Cowan reports on relief efforts

  2. Why is Hollywood silent on Syria?

    Hollywood legend Ed Asner's thoughts

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  5. What President Obama should do about Syria

    Talking Points 8/27

  6. Dana's trip to the Congo

    'Five' host embarks on trip to world's largest charity hospital

  7. Crisis in Syria escalating

    How will the US respond?

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