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Distracted Driving

Survey: Most Support 'Tattletale' Plates

Is it possible to shame people into driving better?This question lies at the heart of whether special license plates should be issued to potentially dangerous drivers, such as those who've been convicted of DUI or of texting behind the wheel.Only a handful of states require such plates, even though most drivers appear to like the idea, at least at first blush.In a recent survey of 2,000 drivers across the country, most show a clear preference for license plates that would identify operators with a history of texting or DUI offenses. About half also support special plates for beginning or elderly drivers.The support for ID plates is consistent among different age groups, except in the cases of special license plates for either young or old drivers. In both those situations, younger people are more likely to be in favor of such identifying markers.62% of drivers aged 18-29 support license plates that would identify drivers older than 70; not surprisingly, that support dr...

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    Traffic laws tend to be one step behind technology. After all, the first state law prohibiting texting while driving came about six years ago. And now with Google Gl...

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    Hyundai Motor America Executive Director Barry Ratzlaff and tech expert Shelly Palmer on the automaker’s technology that interacts with Google Glass.

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    GM Global Connected Consumer president Mary Chan on connecting your smartphone to your car.

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  8. 110413_Trace_1450


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    It's almost time to stash away cell phones. Florida's texting and driving law goes into effect on Tuesday.

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    Study finds it leads to more injuries for pedestrians than distracted driving

  2. Texting and walking more dangerous than distracted driving ?

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  4. Google to Launch Android Watch Project

    Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) said on Tuesday that smartwatches based on its Android mobile software will be available later this year, enlisting a variety of partners an...

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    Audi CEO Scott Keogh on how 1Q sales are shaping up.

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    RideScout CEO Joseph Kopser on the company’s mobile app that aggregates different transportation options.

  7. Gutfeld: When raising awareness goes too far

    Dangerous driving program romanticizes death

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