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Disabled Veterans

Best companies for veterans to find work

Drexel Hamilton CFO Cal Quinn on efforts to help veterans find a job.

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  1. Veterans Helping Disabled Veterans Transition to Private Sector

    Drexel Hamilton CFO Cauldon Quinn on efforts to help disabled veterans find jobs in the financial industry.

  2. Training Veterans to Lead on Wall Street

    Drexel Hamilton CFO Cal Quinn and Drexel Hamilton President James Cahill on helping train military veterans for careers on Wall Street.

  3. Still Good Value for Investors in Banks?

    Billionaire investor Jeff Greene on the outlook for the financial sector.

  4. Training Veterans for Wall Street

    Drexel Hamilton CFO Cal Quinn and Drexel Hamilton V.P. Fred Phelan on efforts to train disabled veterans for jobs in the financial industry.

  5. Combating Veteran Unemployment

    Joseph Meyer, Meyer Capital chairman and CEO, on his military experience and what he is doing to fight back against the high rates of unemployment veterans face.

  6. Senate Approves Tax Credits For Hiring Veterans

    Tax credits of up to $9,600 for businesses that hire disabled veterans who have been jobless for six months or more were approved in the Senate on Thursday. The 94-1...

  7. Traders Help Build Homes for Heroes

    Building Homes for Heroes Board Member Anthony Grisanti and FBN’s Liz Claman on efforts by those on Wall Street to help get customized homes built for disabled veterans .

  8. Mission Continues: Helping Wounded Veterans Find a Sense of Purpose

    Author Eric Greitens discusses his book, 'The Heart and the Fist,' and how he’s giving back to fellow veterans.

  9. American Hero Giving Back to Wounded Veterans

    Author Eric Greitens discusses his book, 'The Heart and the Fist,' and his time in the Navy SEALS.

  10. Greener Packaging and Practices at PepsiCo

    Jeremy Cage, SVP of Innovations at PepsiCo, on how PepsiCo has committed to changing its packaging and practices to become a greener corporation.

  11. Small Ways to Keep Employees Happy

    We explore what motivates employees and why it is important to fulfill their needs, especially during tough economic times.

  12. Robots: The World's Future Caregivers

    Tandy Trower, founder of Hoaloha Robotics, explains the growing need for robotic devices that can assist the aging and ailing populations.

  1. Hiring Tax Credit Could Go Away in 2014

    A number of tax credits benefiting individuals and small business are set to expire when the clock strikes midnight at the end of the year, and it’s up to Congress to determine whether to renew them.

  2. The Government's Best-Kept Secret

    If you ask an elderly Veteran if they qualify for an additional pension from the VA to help pay for their long-term care costs, they will probably tell you, "I'm not...

  3. Firms Struggle to Get Out of Way for High-Speed Rail

    As the California High Speed Rail Authority gets ready to break ground in Fresno, small businesses are struggling to get out of the way.

  4. Banks Increase Lending to Veteran-Owned Businesses

    Small Business Administration announces a new initiative, aimed at increasing lending to veteran-owned businesses over the next five years.

  5. New tax credits push businesses to hire veterans

    Ebong Eka on what tax credits are giving business owners an incentive to hire a veteran

  6. Resources for Ex-Military Entrepreneurs

    There are many programs available for military personnel who have returned from Iraq War and Afghanistan, as well other conflicts, who are looking to start or expand their own businesses.

  7. Big Business Active in Marking Veterans Day

    From veteran employment pledges and entrepreneur boot camp to free meals and vacations, U.S. companies across the nation stepped up to honor our veterans and active ...

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