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Mitt Romney announces he will not run for President in 2016

FNC contributor Michael Goodwin and former President George W. Bush Advisor Leslie Sanchez on what Mitt Romney’s decision not to run for President in 2016 means for the rest of the Republican field.

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  1. President Obama pulls 529 tax plan

    Rep. Kristi Noem, (R-S.D.), on President Obama dropping the idea of taxing earnings of the 529 college saving account, and talks trade deals.

  2. Senator Warren says government gets credit for drug creation?

    Heritage Chief Economist Steve Moore discusses Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s, (D-Mass.), comments on medical innovations and tax dollars.

  3. Obama faces questions from three YouTube stars

    Nylon Media CEO Paul Greenberg on President Obama’s attempt to connect to millennials with post SOTU interviews with YouTube stars.

  4. How will King Abdullah’s death impact the U.S.?

    American Islamic Forum for Democracy’s Zuhdi Jasser discusses how the death of Saudi King Abdullah impacts the U.S. and the Iranian missile threat.

  5. NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver arrested

    FBN’s Elizabeth MacDonald on New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s corruption charges and reasons for his arrest.

  6. Obama politics not working?

    Washington Times Online Opinion Editor Monica Crowley weighs in on President Obama’s policies.

  7. Grading Sen. Ernst’s response to Obama’s SOTU

    Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt discusses President Obama’s State of the Union, his veto threat, and Senator Joni Ernst’s response to the President’s address.

  8. Tax hikes on the rich stand to impair entrepreneurial growth

    The Peebles Corporation Chairman and CEO Don Peebles on taxing the rich and how that impacts entrepreneurial growth.

  9. Evan Bayh: When it comes to bank regulation, we’ve gone too far

    Former Indiana Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh explains the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors to combat the growing threat of cyber warfare on American firms.

  10. 25 states sign on to legal battle executive amnesty

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on states taking on the Obama Administration over the immigration executive action.

  11. Efforts to make Keystone Pipeline legislation veto-proof

    Sen. David Vitter, (R-La.), on the Keystone Pipeline, President Obama not attending the rally in Paris, immigration and Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.

  12. Where YOUR gas tax money is going

    FBN’s Melissa Francis, Guy Benson of, Heritage Fellow Emily Goff and Maryland Economic Professor Peter Morici on raising the federal gas tax.

  1. Mitt Romney not running for president in 2016

    The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s Mary Kissel weighs in on Mitt Romney’s decision not to run for president in 2016.

  2. White House downplays criticism of Israeli envoy

    Former Israel Ambassador to the U.S. Daniel Ayalon on Iran and the U.S. relationship with Israel.

  3. Obama official criticizes Israeli Ambassador over Netanyahu speech

    FNC political analyst Julie Roginsky, FNC contributor Judy Miller and FNC’s Jedediah Bila on the tense relationship between the Obama Administration and Israel.

  4. Bret Baier on President Obama’s budget proposal

    ‘Special Report’ Anchor Bret Baier discusses what President Obama hopes to achieve with the end of the sequester.

  5. Bill O’Reilly on questions surrounding Gen. Patton’s death

    FNC’s Bill O’Reilly discusses his book ‘Killing Patton’, President Obama and the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

  6. President Obama’s foreign policies too weak?

    The Mensa panel weighs in on the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, President Obama’s foreign policies and the Super Bowl.

  7. Obama Administration negotiating a weak deal with Iran?

    Boston Properties Executive Chairman Mort Zuckerman on Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch’s comments on immigration and the Obama Administration’s handling of Israel and Iran.

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