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Deficit Reduction Sequestration

  1. Power Play 4/25/2013

    The role of politics in the ongoing Boston bombing investigation. Plus - How long are these flight delays going to last?

  2. Power Play 4/24/2013

    A nation is on edge as the Boston bombing investigation continues. Outrage over FAA furlough. Plus -New chemical weapon allegations against Assad regime

  3. Questions Raised Over FAA Cuts

    Sen. Jerry Moran, (R-KS), on the FAA cuts due to sequestration .

  4. Tax Hikes Hurting Economy More Than Sequester ?

    Small business owner Gene Marks and National Taxpayers Union Executive V.P. Pete Sepp on the impact of taxes on businesses.

  5. Congressional sacrifice of pay: Sequester stunt?

    Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards on why she has decided to give back a percentage of her congressional salary because of the sequester - and whether it could really make a difference

  6. No White House budget , no pay

    Sen. John Cornyn wants to withhold pay for some White House employees until Obama presents budget

  7. The Financial Impact of Sequester on Government Workers

    American Federation of Government Employees’ David Borer on the impact on government workers of furloughs due to sequestration .

  8. Brian and Senator Scott Brown

    Brian and Senator Scott Brown

  9. Is president downplaying US debt crisis?

    Joe Trippi weighs in

  10. Fox News Reporting: Showdown on Debt Row

    Fox News goes behind the scenes of the sequester battle

  11. Virginia Governor on Sequester , Transportation Plan

    Governor Robert McDonnell, (R-Va.), on the state's transportation plan and being hit by defense cuts from the sequester .

  12. Consequences of Sequestration Not as Dire as Predicted?

    Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz and Independent Women’s Forum’s Hadley Heath on sequestration cuts.

  1. Long-term budget outlook gloomy?

    McConnell not optimistic about compromise

  2. Budget framework deal in the works?

    Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell to present plan to Republicans

  3. Democrats playing hardball with second round of sequester ?

    Automatic cuts threatening potential budget deal?

  4. Power Play 10/9/2013: Obama says no negotiations

    The partial shutdown enters day 9 and Obama takes to the podium to keep up the 'political heat'. Plus- What do Republicans demand in exchange of debt ceiling raise?

  5. President’s Objectives in Syria Unclear?

    Rep. Michael Turner, (R-Ohio), on Syria and sequestration ’s impact on the military.

  6. Signs of crying wolf over sequestration ?

    What did and did not really happen?

  7. The politics of the sequestration blame game

    The American people suffer the most, so who gains - and who is most to blame - for the pain of the sequester ?

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