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Defense Of Marriage Act

  1. 9 Regulatory Issues That Will Affect Small Business in 2014

    As small businesses prepare for 2014, they shouldn't focus solely on increasing their bottom lines.

  2. Do Republicans’ views on social issues conflict with views on spending? Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie on the state of the Republican Party.

  3. Rick Santorum: ObamaCare is 'un-American'

    Do Republicans have a better idea for health care?

  4. Same-Sex Married Couples and State Taxes

    Sept. 16 was a watershed tax day for some same-sex married couples. From that day forward, they must file as married -- jointly or separately.That means their added ...

  5. Same-Sex Married Couples Await State Tax Word

    Sept. 16 is a watershed tax day for some same-sex married couples. From that day forward, they must file as married -- jointly or separately.That means their added f...

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  7. Sen. Paul: Administration didn't make a compelling case

    Congress holds first public hearing on Syria

  8. Tax Filing Tips for Same-Sex Couples

    "This is not a complicated case."Not exactly the opening sentence you expect to hear from a federal judge. But after you read the 16-page decision by Judge Timothy S...

  9. Treasury Says Same-Sex Couples Considered 'Married'

    The U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service jointly announced that, for tax and benefits purposes, the federal government considers same-sex couples "m...

  10. IRS to recognize gay marriages

    Full benefits will now be available to all couples

  11. Same-sex married couples can save with tax ruling

    The IRS's announcement today that it would treat same-sex marriages equally in all states creates federal tax parity for married couples, regardless of where they li...

  12. Wal-Mart To Offer Benefits For Domestic Partners

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc. , the largest U.S. private employer with 1.3 million U.S. employees, will begin to offer health-care coverage to associates' spouses and domesti...

  1. Gay Marriage Makes Its Way to Supreme Court

    National Journal Contributing Editor Stuart Taylor Jr. on the Supreme Court case surrounding gay marriage and the benefits associated with it.

  2. State GOP AGs criticize suggestion to ignore some laws

    Alabama AG slams the administration's proposal

  3. Holder tells state AGs to consider selective defense of laws

    Admin under fire for unprecedented approach for writing its own laws

  4. Why careless estate planning can cost your family

    CBIZ MHM's Marc Minker explains how you can avoid these pitfalls

  5. 10 Tax Traps and Snares to Avoid in 2014

    Taxpayers in 2014 don't have to worry about a lot of tax surprises. The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 enacted on Jan. 2, 2013, made many existing tax laws per...

  6. White House sending message on gay acceptance

    Ed Henry reports from the White House

  7. Biggest stories around the world from 2013

    Year in review: From the Boston Marathon bombings to the rescue of 3 women held hostage in a Cleveland house for over a decade

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