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Declaration of Independence

Lou Dobbs on the IRS and Secret Service

Lou Dobbs gives his commentary on the IRS over and federal spending.

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  1. Santorum on the Republican clash of ideas

    Rick Santorum on his hostility toward libertarians.

  2. Supreme Court approves prayer before council meetings

    The Mensa panel weighs in on the Supreme Court’s approval of prayer before council meetings.

  3. Celebrating the Gettysburg Address

    Filmmaker Ken Burns on his new PBS documentary on the importance of the Gettysburg Address.

  4. Rep. Pelosi claiming Founding Fathers’ support for ObamaCare?

    FNC senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s comments on ObamaCare.

  5. What’s the Deal, Neil: Would our Founding Fathers want ObamaCare?

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto on what the Founding Fathers would think of ObamaCare and politicians such as Rep. Pelosi, Sen. Reid and President Obama.

  6. Talking TED-Style: 5 Steps to a Winning Presentation

    With the famous TED conference (Technology/Entertainment/Design) celebrating its 30th anniversary, TED "Talks" have been viewed online more than 1 billion times and are streamed 2 million times per day. 

  7. Stossel 02/20/2014: Stossel U

    Special edition of 'Stossel' hosted at the Student's for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C.

  8. America Marks 12th Anniversary of 9/11

    Americans marked the 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks with solemn ceremonies and pledges not to forget the nearly 3,000 killed when hijacked jetliners cr...

  9. Declaration of Independence Print Could Fetch $750K

    Who says the newspaper industry is dead? Big spenders are getting ready to open their wallets to claim a big part of its history.A rare first newspaper printing of t...

  10. A modest proposal to save America

    By Carter LecrawLast week my wife, son and I were sitting in the living room talking about our family finances. For some reason I remarked that our savings would not...

  11. 'No Irish Need Apply' Couldn't Stop Them

    Immigrants such as the Irish, who have flocked to America's shores for economic opportunity for generations, bring with them a strong desire to succeed and attain a better life. As the descendants of immigrants from Ireland celebrate their achievements this week, all ethnic groups can tip our hats ...

  12. Can U.S. Use Drones Against Americans on Foreign Soil?

    “Justice With Jeanine” host Jeanine Pirro on legal concerns raised over the government’s potential use of drones against Americans overseas it considers a threat.

  1. Ann Coulter on the ‘liberal mob’’s Ann Coulter on the impact of political mobs in America.

  2. Should Americans worry about the growing executive power?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano on his new book, the bully pulpit and Rand Paul.

  3. Immigration amnesty fundamentally changing America?

    The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s Dan Henninger weighs in on President Obama’s immigration policy.

  4. Stossel 07/17/14: Big Brother

    A special edition of Stossel at 'Freedomfest' in Las Vegas

  5. President Obama abusing executive power?

    Pacific Legal Foundation’s Tim Sandefur and Goldwater Institute’s Christina Sandefur on President Obama’s executive powers.

  6. Stossel 06/12/14: Libertarians vs. Conservatives

    A showdown between two schools of political thought on drugs, marriage and the military

  7. Politicians’ families benefiting from policies and connections?

    FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall, FBN’s Tracy Byrnes and reporter Kate Rogers on politicians’ family members benefiting from their Washington connections.

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