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FOX Business brings you to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where the world's most influential business leaders, politicians and regulators gather to discuss key world events.

Schmidt: We Are Happy to Talk to the Government

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt on the government’s investigation into its privacy policies and push for legislation on intellectual property on the Internet.

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  1. Yellen doesn’t think labor market is strong enough?

    Nomura’s Jens Nordvig, Princeton Securities’ Ben Willis, former Dallas Fed VP Gerald O’Driscoll and FBN contributor Phil Flynn discuss the Fed’s Jackson Hole speech and market reactions.

  2. European shares mostly higher, markets eye the Fed

    Bankor’s Bill Hubard on the European markets.

  3. European rally pauses, investors eye FOMC minutes

    Rabobank’s Jane Foley on the European markets brief.

  4. Big investors buying junk bonds?

    WSJ’s Katy Burne explains why big investors are buying junk bonds.

  5. Upgrading your brown-bag lunch

    Good Housekeeping’s Sherry Rujikarn and Susan Westmoreland on some tasty and healthy recipes to make a great lunch and save on the costs of going out.

  6. Have U.S. markets gone too far, too fast?

    Rabobank’s Jane Foley on the U.S. and European markets.

  7. Should the U.S. send troops to Nigeria?

    The Mensa panel weighs in on Karl Rove, the Pope and the Nigeria kidnappings.

  8. The rules to living a long life

    ‘A Short Guide to a Long Life’ author Dr. David Agus discusses health-care legislation and his new book on healthy living.

  9. 6 Steps for Getting Noticed in Any Setting

    You know those people who command a room as soon as they walk in? There’s just something about them. It’s not their clothes, their haircut, or their fashionably late arrival. It’s more about the way they carry themselves; something of their essence demands to be noticed.

  10. Invisible men lined up as heirs at commodity traders

    Abrupt leadership changes at commodity traders Trafigura and Gunvor over the past week have put a sharp light on an industry-wide challenge: shifting oversight from ...

  11. Cisco’s Chambers: committed to returning cash

    Cisco Chairman John Chambers on whether his company will expand and how it will spend its cash.

  12. Does lower income inequality bring faster economic growth?

    Oxfam research and policy advisor Nick Galasso on the dangers of income inequality.

  1. How strong is the housing recovery?

    Douglas Elliman CEO Dottie Herman discusses the health of the housing market.

  2. President Obama’s polices helping or hurting the middle class?

    Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist on President Obama, the U.S. economy and his experience at Burning Man.

  3. Big problems for small-company stocks?

    Hedgeye Risk Management CEO Keith McCullough and Beaconcrest Capital Management CIO Kevin Divney on the Fed exiting of QE and the Russell 2000.

  4. Many textbook reactions to Fed policy not happening?

    FBN’s Charles Payne on the Federal Reserve’s impact on the economy and markets.

  5. Reviewing Yellen’s first 6 months as Fed Chair

    FOX Business contributor Jon Hilsenrath reviews Janet Yellen’s first six months as Federal Reserve Chairwoman.

  6. Nardelli: The auto industry is back

    Former Home Depot and Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli on the state of the auto industry and Home Depot’s potential data breach.

  7. Switzerland, Singapore, and U.S. the top-ranked economies

    World Economic forum chief economist Jennifer Blanke discusses the state of world competitiveness.

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