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David Souter

Fox News Reporting: 36 Days That Decided the Presidency

The 2000 election began as a race to the White House but ended up being one of the most unpredictable political dramas of the century

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  1. The Case for Mitt Romney

    Former N.H. Governor John Sununu and the Judge debate former Governor Mitt Romney’s conservative

  2. Who Are the Wall Street Occupiers?

    Charlie Gasparino visits protest site

  3. Judging the New Justice

    Tom Ferber partner with Pryor Cashman details his time in front of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Sotomayor and what we can expect from her if appointed.

  4. State Budgets: The Best and the Worse

    With California hanging by a thread, we break down the states in the best and worse budget positions--find out where your state lands. Check out the full hour of LIVE today.

  5. Who Will Replace Justice Stevens?

    National Journal Magazine’s Stuart Taylor Jr., on who is being considered to replace Justice John Stevens on the Supreme Court.

  6. Obama Announces Supreme Court Nominee

    FBN Senior Washington Correspondent Peter Barnes on President Obama's nomination of Federal Appeals Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor to serve on the Supreme Court.

  7. Sotomayor to Replace Souter on High Court?

    Dow Jones Newswires Columnist Al Lewis gives his take on President Obama's nominee for the next Supreme Court justice.

  8. Will Sotomayor Crackdown on Big Biz?

    Robert Alt of the Heritage Foundation on how the Supreme Court nominee will judge corporate America.

  9. Power Rankings: Supreme Controversy

    Historian Nick Ragone on the justices that ruffled the Supreme Court's feathers.

  10. Justice Stevens Announces Retirement

    Beginning of political battle over empty seat on Supreme Court?

  11. Justice Prevails

    Sonia Sotomayor confirmed by Senate as first Hispanic Supreme Court justice

  12. Guns on Trial

    The Verdict: What did the Founding Fathers really mean when they drafted the Second Amendment?

  1. President George H.W. Bush: The Man and His Mission

    George H.W. Bush has been called the most experienced man to be president since the Founding Father

  2. What Mitt Romney has to do to turn his campaign around

    Talking Points 8/10

  3. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Sits Down With Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday


  4. Issues impacting the US Supreme Court

    Justice Antonin Scalia speaks out

  5. Legal perspective on health care ruling

    Law professors analyze SCOTUS decision

  6. Cowan on Risk of Attack from Iran

    FOX News Contributor Lt. Col. Bill Cowan discusses the threat Iran poses to the United States.

  7. Halftime Report: 1/27/12

    Guest ombudsman Mike Baker's graphs steal the show

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