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Dan Quayle

Talking music and government on The Independents After Show

Andrew Kirell and Buck Sexton join Kennedy, Kmele Foster and Matt Welch for The Independents ‘after-the-show show.’

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  1. Are parents worse today than in previous years?

    Gutfeld and McGuirk analyze bad parents in America

  2. Bias Bash: Effort to turn Rubio into a joke?

    Jim Pinkerton on how the liberal media is trying to discredit Senator Marco Rubio.

  3. The predictable media reaction to Rubio's water break

    Dan Gainor discusses the liberal media's merciless mocking of Marco Rubio's water break.

  4. Fox News Reporting: Dick Cheney Revealed

    Dick Cheney spent four decades in the nation's capital and served four presidents

  5. Too much testosterone in Washington?

    Do women make better lawmakers?

  6. Winning the Presidency

    Stossel takes you behind the scenes of a presidential campaign

  7. Power Play 10/23/12

    Romney strives to show steady hand in debate, swing-state outlook and two-week sprint.

  8. Stossel - 9/28/12 - Winning the Presidency

    Behind-the-scenes of a presidential election

  9. Forbes: Ryan Right on Kennedy, Reagan

    Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes on the tax debate during the Vice-Presidential debate.

  10. Wells Fargo Tops 3Q EPS Estimates

    FBN’s Diane Macedo breaks down the stories moving the markets ahead of the trading day.

  11. Great 'debate' expectations

    Can Biden make up for Obama's lackluster performance?

  12. PowerPlay - 10/10/2012

    Libya stories get sticker for Obama. Hey, ho, where did you go,Ohio? And Ryan and Biden ready to rumble.

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  2. Power Play 8/22/2013: US UN rep tweets, skips meeting

    Chemical attacks in Syria, 'Vultures' for Hillary and pitching college kids for Obamacare. Chris talks to Bill Kristol and Doug Schoen

  3. Juan Williams calls out Al Sharpton and Michael Eric Dyson

    Race debate on 'The Five'

  4. President Obama and race

    Charles Krauthammer reacts to crime in the African-American community

  5. Japan's Seibu and Cerberus in boardroom showdown

    Private equity giant Cerberus Capital Management LP and Japan's Seibu Holdings will square off in a shareholder vote on Tuesday over the U.S. firm's drive to shake u...

  6. Exclusive: Dan Quayle on Obama's handling of recent scandals

    Former vice president on 'Your World'

  7. An Alleged Scheme to Pay Off the Last One

    Some investment guy holed up in Florida claims he can get Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon and Zynga stock before these companies go public. All he needs to buy this stuf...

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