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Dan Coats

President Obama’s strategy enough to combat ISIS?

Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) weighs in on President Obama’s strategies to fight Ebola in West Africa and ISIS in the Middle East.

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  1. Sen. Coats: Increased Taxes Won’t Balance Budget

    Sen . Dan Coats , (R-Ind.), on the need to cut government spending.

  2. Can New House Members Avoid Corruption?

    FBN's government experts discuss whether the new conservative members of Congress can avoid pork-barrel spending and temptation from Wall Street.

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    Kentucky Senatorial Candidate Rand Paul on whether anti-establishment conservatives can win in mid-term elections.

  4. Senator Coats ’ Lobbying Connections Under Scrutiny

    The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney on why former Senator Dan Coats ’s lobbying connections may hurt his attempts to regain his position on Capitol Hill.

  5. Former Senator Trying to Make a Comeback

    Former Indiana Senator Dan Coats on why he believes his comeback can make a change in D.C.

  1. Russia kicked out of G-8

    Sen . Dan Coats on being banned from entering Russia and what it will take to get Putin’s attention.

  2. Breaking Bread to Fix the Nation's Debt

    After dining with a group of Republican senators, U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday will have lunch with the top Republican and Democrat on the House of Repres...

  3. Sen. Coats on Efforts to Investigate DOE Loan to Severstal

    Sen . Dan Coats , (R-Ind.), on why the Dept. of Energy loan to Severstal should be investigated.

  4. Tax Reform Must Stay Focused

    How can the tax code reflect today's needs?

  5. Senator Wyden: Repeal foreign profit tax break

    By Kevin DrawbaughAmong his recommendations are slashing the corporate income tax rate, repealing a law that lets companies put off paying taxes on overseas income, ...

  6. NetLogic CEO: We Can Still Grow in Slow Economy

    Ronald Jankov, NetLogic CEO, on his business' growth and market performance.

  7. Sen. Coats on Why Debt Deal Didn’t Go Far Enough

    Sen . Dan Coats , (R-Ind.), on why he voted against the debt-ceiling bill.

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