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Michelle Rhee

Another year of failing grades for US schools?

Education reformer Michelle Rhee weighs in

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  1. Reforming the DC School System

    Former Washington, DC School Chancellor Michelle Rhee on the challenges she faced in reforming the city’s school system.

  2. ABC's of public education

    Rhee's philosophy of putting students first

  3. Michelle Rhee's battle with left-wing unions

    Former Washington D.C. public schools chancellor details fight to put students first in new book

  4. Students First ’ founder looks to reform public education

    CEO and founder of ‘ Students First ’, Michelle Rhee living ‘Beyond the Dream’

  5. Former NBA player hopes to change the game of education

    Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson living 'Beyond the Dream'

  6. Is Michelle Rhee changing the Democratic Party?

    School reform champion on 'Fox & Friends'

  7. Olympic Effort Needed in Our Educational System?

    StudentsFirst founder Michelle Rhee on efforts to improve the educational system and make students as competitive in school as athletes are in the Olympics and end the gender gap in education.

  8. Why are US students falling behind globally?

    Michelle Rhee on state of education system

  9. Calif. Considering Cutting School Year to Save Money

    Former D.C . Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee discusses how the state can improve its education system.

  10. Capt. Sully on Safety & Leadership

    Miracle on the Hudson pilot Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger discusses his role as a leader in airline safety and other exceptional leaders featured in his new book.

  11. Will Schools Soon Feel the Pension Crunch?

    StudentsFirst Founder Michelle Rhee discusses how higher pension costs can impact the U.S. school system.

  12. Michelle Rhee on Supporting Parents in Reforming Education

    Students First Founder Michelle Rhee on education reform and supporting parents in getting more involved in their children’s education.

  1. Why are US students so far behind internationally?

    Michelle Rhee weighs in

  2. America's report card: Which schools are making the grade?

    Michelle Rhee weighs in on the national assessment

  3. State of education in Louisiana

    Founder of Michelle Rhee weighs in on the educational systems in Louisiana and New Orleans.

  4. Michelle Rhee Defends Education Revamp in Washington DC

    Michelle Rhee of StudentsFirst on reforming education.

  5. Unions vs Charter Schools

    Choice Media founder Bob Bowdon and Newark Teachers Union president Joe Del Grosso discuss public education and charter schools.

  6. President Proposes Pre-K for All 4-Year-Olds

    StudentsFirst founder Michelle Rhee on Obama's Pre-K proposal and efforts to reform the U.S. educational system.

  7. Putting Students First

    Former Washington DC Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee on how to fix the education system.

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