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Constitutional Amendments

  1. Workers Getting Fired for Legal Pot Use in Colorado?

    Attorney Michael Evans and employment law attorney Seth Berenzweig on a Colorado state court ruling that companies can fire employees for using marijuana.

  2. Special Report Online: 4/10/13

    Will there be a budget 'grand bargain'?

  3. Supreme Court Hears Landmark Case on Gay Marriage

    America's top court convened on Tuesday to take up the delicate and divisive issue of gay marriage, with the nine Supreme Court justices set to consider the legality...

  4. EU worried by Hungary's changes to constitution

    Changes to Hungary's constitution adopted on Monday are a concern, the European Union said and called on Budapest to work with Brussels to overcome any conflicts wit...

  5. Hungary, defying EU, pushes on with constitutional changes

    Hungary's ruling party is set to push through law changes on Monday that critics say will limit the powers of the constitutional court, one of the few institutions t...

  6. Why Can’t Washington Balance the Checkbook?

    Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker says it is time for a state-led constitutional convention that will reform the major problems with today’s federal government.

  7. Should Deficits Trigger Impeachment?

    Outspoken Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) explains to Alan why he wants an amendment that will force the president to keep a balanced budget.

  8. Is Upper Class Ready for War on Wealthy?

    The Manhattan Institutes Steve Malanga explains why reforms will make it more costly to borrow money and why he thinks it will hopefully make investors more responsible.

  9. FNC Video


  10. Judge extends early voting in Florida following lawsuits

    Phil Keating reports from Tampa

  11. Florida's Long Ballot

    Voters in Florida will be facing the longest ballot in the state's history at the polls on November 6th.

  12. Tom Sullivan Talks Unions with the Judge

    Fox Senior Legal Advisor Judge Andrew Napolitano on collective bargaining, unions, and what can be done to solve problems in Wisconsin and Michigan.

  1. Power Play 11/19/13: President Romney?

    Team Obama tries to rally for late-term abortion. Plus - meet the congressman personally affected by ObamaCare.

  2. The Foxhole: DC feuds that influenced our history

    Historian Jeff Shesol explains how their outcomes helped mold our nation's future

  3. 101413_affirmativeaction_910


  4. Mich. affirmative action case calls for 'equal treatment'

    Supreme Court to weigh in on proposed ban

  5. College forbids handout on Constitution Day

    Is school's action constitutional?

  6. Does Egypt's crisis mark the Muslim Brotherhood's decline?

    Ousting threatens political group's power

  7. Lon Snowden doesn't believe son picked Hong Kong by accident

    Part 2 of Eric Bolling's interview with Edward Snowden's father

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