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Connie Mack IV

Power Play 1/8/2013

Why did the president pick Hagel? Democrats ready gun ban and Planned Parenthood funding. Plus, freshman Rep. Trey Radel

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  1. Rep . Connie Mack reacts to primary results

    Florida congressman on outcome in Sunshine State

  2. Florida Ground-Zero for Nation’s Housing Problem?

    Kendra Todd of the Kendra Todd Group breaks down why parts of the Sunshine State are poised to recover in 2012.

  3. Inside 2012 Race for Senate

    Will Democrats be able to hold control?

  4. Connie Mack: I'm Going to Run for U.S. Senate

    Exclusive: Rep . Connie Mack on presidential race, his plans for the future

  5. Rep. Mack Explains His Romney Endorsement

    Rep . Connie Mack , (R-Fla.), explains why he says only Mitt Romney can defeat Barack Obama and everybody needs to get on board.

  6. Connie Mack vs. The Central Planners

    Rep . Connie Mack , (R-Fla.), on government business loans, secret finance projects and big government overreach.

  7. Is Obama Desperate?

    Rep . Connie Mack , (R-Fla.), weighs in on the Congress' approach to economic recovery.

  8. Mack, Rove on Christie Speech

    Congressman and former Bush adviser react to address made by N.J. governor

  9. Rep. Mack Attacks the Fed

    Rep . Connie Mack , (R-Fla.), stop’s Bernanke’s 'Twist' in its tracks

  10. 'It's Time to Talk Spending Cuts'

    Is there a silver lining in credit downgrade?

  11. Can Government Prevent Another Downgrade?

    Rep. Phil Gingrey, (R-Ga.), on the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating and whether there will be another downgrade in the near future.

  12. Treasury: Debt Has Reached 100% of GDP

    Rep . Connie Mack , (R-Fl.), argues the current debt deal won’t fix the economy.

  1. Could GOP take Florida Senate seat?

    Rep . Connie Mack on his race against Sen. Nelson

  2. The race for the Sunshine State

    Poll: Mitt Romney narrowly leads President Obama in Florida

  3. Power Play 9-14-2012

    Race for the Senate tightens and fighting over foreign policy.Join the live chat...

  4. What are Floridians looking for in a candidate?

    What issues are most important to voters?

  5. Palin takes on Biden's 'chains' of fear

    Former vice presidential candidate blasts Joe Biden's comments on the Romney-Ryan ticket, says he should be replaced on Obama team with Hillary Clinton

  6. Does Romney have what it takes to fix the economy?

    Florida Congressman Connie Mack weighs in

  7. Debt Ceiling Limit Will Be Reached in January

    Rep . Connie Mack , (R-Fla.), on his plan to avoid raising the debt ceiling in January and balance the budget.

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