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Brad Sherman

Power Play 10.2.2013: Impact of the partial shutdown

So called "Shutdown" clips Obama's wings, debt ceiling fight expands the war on Capitol Hill and how much of this is theater?

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  1. Congress to Vote on Trade Agreements With South Korea, Colombia, Panama

    Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch Director Lori Wallach on the potential impact of the trade bills the U.S. economy.

  2. Report: More Democrats Voice Support for McConnell Plan

    Rep . Brad Sherman on bipartisan debt compromise

  3. Beck: Obama Ignoring Congress?

    Deadline passes for congressional approval on Libya

  4. Bail Out California

    Rep . Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) on why the Golden State needs federal support.

  5. When Will Health Care Lower Deficit?

    Rep . Brad Sherman , (D-Calif.), breaks down when the reform legislation will begin to save the American people money.

  6. Rep. Sherman: This is a Health-Insurance Reform Bill

    Rep . Brad Sherman , (D-CA), on why health-care reform is necessary.

  7. Helping Homeowners

    Rep. Donald Manzullo, (R) Illinois, and Rep . Brad Sherman , (D) California , discuss whether a rescue plan would include assitance to homeowers?

  8. Rush To Pass Plan

    Rep. Donald Manzullo, (R) Illinois, and Rep . Brad Sherman , (D) California , discuss why there is no rush to pass this rescue plan, Congress should take their time to make the best decision.

  9. Congressional Reactions to AIG

    Rep. Scott Garrett and Rep . Brad Sherman weigh in what the government can and can't do when it comes to AIG bonus payments.

  10. Rep. Sherman on Financial Regulation

    Rep . Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) calls regulation proposal "TARP on steroids."

  11. Shift in the Bailout

    Rep Brad Sherman discusses recent changes in the bailout made by the Treasury Department.

  12. Rep. Sherman on Executive Compensation

    Rep . Brad Sherman discusses executive compensation in the TARP and bailout bill.

  1. President to announce sweeping gun control proposal

    Obama to unveil up to 19 executive actions

  2. US House candidates get phsyical at debate

    Congressional contenders spar in San Fernando Valley

  3. Caught on Tape: California Congressional Debate Turns Oddly Physical

    Insider Berman Sherman

  4. Bossing Around Jamie Dimon

    Mark Williams, finance professor at Boston University, on Jamie Dimon’s hearing and the trading loss.

  5. Obama and Bill Clinton on same page?

    Former president's role in 2012 campaign

  6. Impact of redistricting on congressional races

    Fierce battle for incumbent seats in several states

  7. Debate Over Foreign Aid

    Should U.S. taxpayer money go overseas?

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