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Congressional Republicans

2016 Republican Presidential hopefuls make their case at CPAC

FBN’s Charles Payne and Tea Party News Network News Director Scottie Nell Hughes on the highlights from CPAC.

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  1. White House Strategy: Fabricating Fear and Injustice

    Facing mid-term elections and burdened with persistently high unemployment, President Obama is playing the race, gender, and class cards. Fabricating fear and injust...

  2. ObamaCare's 'Fix' and It's Ripple Effect for 2016 and Beyond

    After the Department of Health and Human Services announced Wednesday it was extending its policy allowing Americans to keep their previously-cancelled plans for an ...

  3. Most Members of Congress are Millionaires

    They are voted into office to serve in our interest, but most Congress members have a lot more zeros attached to their names than most Americans.  A new report from ...

  4. Conservative Groups Oppose Emerging Budget Deal

    As budget negotiators in the U.S. Congress tried to close a deal on Tuesday that would avoid a Jan. 15 government shutdown, conservative groups were lining up in opp...

  5. Fed May Be Adding To Instability: Plosser

    Current Federal Reserve polices could add to financial instability and as a result new limits should be put on the central bank, said Charles Plosser, the president ...

  6. Obama Looks to Lure More Foreign Investment

    President Barack Obama on Thursday pledged an aggressive expansion of U.S. efforts to draw foreign investment by clearing away red tape and having U.S. diplomats cou...

  7. Private Payrolls Rise by 130K, Miss Estimates

    U.S. private-sector employers added 130,000 jobs in October, lower than economists' expectations for the month, a report by a payrolls processor showed on Wednesday....

  8. Consumer Sentiment Falls in Late October

    U.S. consumer sentiment dropped in October to its lowest level since the end of last year as consumers worried Congressional dysfunction and the resulting partial fe...

  9. G20 presses U.S. to act quickly to avoid default

    Finance officials from the world's biggest economies on Friday pressed the United States to head off a potentially devastating default and vowed to proceed carefully...

  10. Boehner: House Speaker, Wall Street Rally Inducer

    Call it the "Boehner rally."Stocks markets surged Thursday and again Friday morning on news out of a stalemated Washington, D.C., that Congressional Republicans had ...

  11. Yellen Announcement Soothes Fears, Lifts Dollar

    News that Janet Yellen will be nominated to head the U.S. Federal Reserve lifted the dollar and soothed fears over the impact of a budget deadlock on Wednesday, thou...

  12. Week Ahead: Standoff in Congress

    All eyes will be on Washington next week to see if Congress can break the budget impasse that has shut down parts of the government since Tuesday and could push the ...

  1. Can the Obama Administration’s budget proposal pass?

    Cornerstone Macro policy analyst Andy Laperriere on the Obama Administration’s budget proposal.

  2. Obama warns GOP he will wield veto pen in 2015

    Republican Strategist Phillip Stutts and Old Blackheath Companies Managing Partner Jeremy Hill discuss President Obama’s veto warning to the GOP, the U.S. economy and the Keystone Pipeline.

  3. Rick Perry for President in 2016?

    Political Strategist Paul Begala weighs in on Rick Perry’s potential presidential run and Senator Chuck Schumer’s ObamaCare comments.

  4. Democratic candidates ran away from votes

    Fox News host Andrea Tantaros and ‘The Alan Colmes Show’ radio host Alan Colmes weigh in on the GOP winning the Senate and why Democrats lost big.

  5. Dobbs: Boehner is pivoting a year late

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on House Speaker John Boehner.

  6. GOP Rebukes Health-Care Subsidies

    Republican lawmakers are taking aim at the federally-provided subsidies provided to Congress members and some staffers to purchase insurance via state and federal ex...

  7. ACA Enrollment Update: 8M Have Signed Up

    President Obama announced Thursday that 8 million people have enrolled in private insurance plans in the federal and state marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act...

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