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Confirming Judges

Do dads have legal right to be in the delivery room?

Court rules unmarried woman can keep baby's father from witnessing child's birth

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  1. FNC Video


  2. Judge rules in favor of cheerleaders Bible verse banners

    Legal panel weighs in on the case

  3. Peterson prosecutor speaks out

    James Glasgow weighs in on guilty verdict

  4. Hits & Misses: 8/11/12

    A hit to Olympic 'blade runner' Oscar Pistorius

  5. Message from ObamaCare ruling?

    Charles Krauthammer weighs in

  6. Krauthammer: Justice Roberts was 'intimidated' by the left

    Syndicated columnist on Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare and Chief Justice John Robert's true motives

  7. Should conservatives despise John Roberts?

    Talking Points 7/2

  8. Should Conservatives Despise Chief Justice John Roberts?

    talking points

  9. Media reaction to Chief Justice Roberts health care ruling

    Debate over SCOTUS decision

  10. Did Justice Roberts rewrite Supreme Court precedent?

    Continued fallout from health care ruling

  11. Judge Napolitano on Health-Care and the Supreme Court Ruling

    The Judge explains how the decision on health care will impact American citizens.

  12. Gov. Perry: ObamaCare ruling a 'stomach punch' to economy

    Texas governor reacts to health care decision

  1. Small business owners in court over IRS employer mandate

    Can agency enforce huge fines?

  2. Allen West: Obama's 'demagoguery knows no bounds'

    Former Fla. congressman blasts president's assertion that health insurance is every American's right and more

  3. Is a life tenure too long for Supreme Court justices?

    Mark Levin on how to better regulate the judicial branch

  4. How will 'stop-and-frisk' ruling impact rest of nation?

    Fallout from New York judge's ruling

  5. Fox News Reporting: Judging Sotomayor

    In a nation run by the rule of law, they're the final word

  6. Remembering Judge Robert Bork

    A look back at the life of controversial Supreme Court nominee

  7. Power Play 11/12/2012

    General Petraeus: Who knew what and when?

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