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Columbine Massacre

1Q Earnings season not living up to expectations?

Karsten Advisors CIO Tom Karsten, Frank Capital Partners President Brian Frank and Belus Capital Advisors CEO Brian Sozzi on the state of the markets.

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  1. Security officer: Incident at school in Centennial, Colo.

    Students run out of high school towards track

  2. Blackwater founder Erik Prince speaks out

    Former Blackwater CEO discusses his new book

  3. Blackwater founder wants to set the record straight

    Erik Prince sounds off

  4. The True Story Behind Blackwater

    Blackwater founder and former Navy SEAL Erik Prince talks to Alan about his new book "Civilian Heroes", which debunks the myths that spread about the company.



  6. Amish schoolhouse shooter's wife breaks her silence

    Marie Monville talks tragedy and faith

  7. Greta hits media critics on shooting coverage

    Candid conversation with host of 'On the Record'

  8. Navy Yard Shooter: Were the warning signs missed?

    Licensed Psychotherapist Fran Sherman takes a look at the signs of mental illness

  9. 091713_krauthammer_800


  10. Is the USA a great country anymore?

    Charles Krauthammer reacts to the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard

  11. Link between teen killers and violent video games?

    Dr. Keith Ablow takes on the apparent relationship between violent video games and teenage killers

  12. IRS targeting victim responds to Rep. McDermott's remarks

    Discussion over victims' role in scandal

  1. Another American mass murder

    Talking Points 4/3

  2. Navy SEALs becoming too politically correct?

    Explosive new book attacks politics at the Pentagon

  3. Hollywood mogul whose films glamorize gun violence slams NRA

    Movie producer faces charges of hypocrisy

  4. 122713_newtown_356


  5. Police release final Sandy Hook school massacre report

    Documents include new images, 911 recordings

  6. 121413_colorado_1000


  7. Colorado school gunman may have been seeking revenge

    Juliet Huddy reports from New York

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